Altered Beast Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3

Sound Test

To unlock the Sound Test menu, at the title screen, press and hold A + C + Up- Right + Start.

Rating 2

Level Select

To unlock level select, at the title screen hold B and press Start. To select a level, choose a round at the options menu then hold A + Start at the title screen.

Rating 2

Move the Credits

When the credits appear after you rescue Athene, press kick or punch to make them scroll downwards.

Rating 2

Jump Higher

To jump higher, press and hold the UP while you jump.

Rating 1

Never Die

To avoid dying, after you die hold A and press start repeatedly. Your will appear on the screen where you died.

Rating 0

Monster Select

To unlock an option that allows you to select the beast you want for each level, immediately after you turn on the system hold down these buttons: Down + Left + A + B + C. A menu will appear where you can select from the beasts.

Rating 0

Two-Player Mode

To activate Two-Player mode, press start on controller two.