Animal Crossing: City Folk Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 7

Town Fund Unlockables

Donate the following numbers of bells to the town fund at town hall to unlock the corresponding items:

200,000 bells - Bridge
400,000 bells - Fountain
1,000,000 bells - Windmill or lighthouse

Rating 6

Tom Nook's Store Upgrades

After playing the game for one week, upgrade Tom Nook's store to the following levels by performing the corresponding tasks:

Nook N' Go - Spend or sell 25,000 Bells at Nook's Cranny. Wait one week from the day Nook's Cranny first began.
Nookway - Spend or sell 90,000 Bells at Nook N' Go. Wait two weeks from the day Nook N' Go first began.
Nookingtons - Spend or sell 250,000 Bells at Nookway. Wait three weeks from the day Nookway first began.

Rating 5

Contest Trophies

Unlock the following trophies by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bug Trophy - Catch the largest bug in the bug contest.
Fish Trophy - Catch the largest fish in the fishing contest.

Rating 5

Donation Prizes

Donate the following amounts of bells to unlock the corresponding prizes:

Donate 200,000 Bells - Bridge.
Donate 500,000 Bells - Fountain.
Donate 1,000,000 Bells - Windmill/Lighthouse.
Donate 100,000,000 Bells - Green Feather.
Donate 200,000,000 Bells - Blue Feather.
Donate 300,000,000 Bells - Yellow Feather.
Donate 400,000,000 Bells - Red Feather.
Donate 500,000,000 Bells - Purple Feather.
Donate 600,000,000 Bells - White Feather.
Donate 700,000,000 Bells - Rainbow Feather.

Rating 5

Wild World bonus

Transfer a saved game file from Animal Crossing: Wild World to make all previously unlocked items available for sale in the at Tom Nook's store in the catalog.

Rating 4

Easy bells hint

Set the system date to Dec. 24th of any year in the future and the time to after 8:00PM. Find Jingle, the reindeer in a santa suit. Talk to him and he will ask you two questions. He will give you a piece of the Jingle set which you can sell to Tom Nook for over 12,000 bells. Repeat as desired.

Rating 4

Golden shovel money

Use the golden shovel to bury money. It will grow intro a tree that when shook will drop bags of money.

Rating 4

Alter Shoe Color

Go to Kicks in the City and ask him to shine your shoes.

Rating 4

Easy Bells on Halloween

First change your game's date to October 31. Fill your backpack with fruit and roam around town until  someone comes to you asking for candy.  Answer "No" and they will transform one of the fruits in your pack into a Jack-In-The-Box, which sell for a lot of Bells. Move so that the person that talked to you is off screen. Now walk back so that he talks to you again and repeat the process until all your fruit is gone.

Rating 4

Museum model

Complete the museum by collecting all the fish, bugs, fossils, and paintings to get a museum model.

Rating 4

Whisp's Lamp

On Monday nights, go to the southeast corner of town; you'll hear a voice. Follow it and you'll meet a ghost named Whisp; you'll need to find his lost lamp. Once you find the lamp, meet him in your attic and he'll grant you a wish.

Rating 4

Extra Bells from Rocks hint

Occasionally you'll come across a rock that will shoot out Bells whenever it is hit. To get as many Bells as possible, dig holes around the rock as well as one hole behind you. That way your character is trapped and won't bounce away after hitting the rock, thus allowing you to hit the rock more often and receive more Bells.

Rating 3

Sell Mushrooms

Sell Elegant Mushrooms to Tom Nook for 10,000 Bells.

Rating 3

Easy fruit

Send your town's native fruit in a letter to a resident with the word "Fruit" in the message area. They will send you fruit or furniture.

Rating 3


Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bug net - Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Bug Catching Contest.
Fishing rod - Talk to Tortimer the mayor during the Fishing Contest.
Harvest furniture set - Talk to Tortimer the mayor after 3 p.m. on Harvest Dayto get a fork and knife which can be traded to Franklin the Turkey for Harvest Furniture items.
Jingle furniture set - Talk to Jingle after 8:00 p.m. on December 24th.
Mario items - Purchase a slingshot from Tom Nook. Use it to shoot down balloons to get various Mario related items.
Mush Furniture set - During the fall, look under the mushrooms in your town around 3:00 PM.
Pirate ship items - Approach Pascal when he is in your town with any scallop except white.
Snowman Furniture set - After it snows, look for two small snowballs on the ground. Roll one around until it is large, and roll the other until it is medium. Place the medium snowball on top of the larger snowball to make a snowman. The snowman will give come to life and give you snowman furniture.
Spooky furniture set - Talk to Jack and give him candy after 6:00 PM on Oct. 31st.
Birthday cake - Talk to your neighbors on your birthday.

Rating 3


Travel to other players' towns by way of Wi-Fi to get particular items. Speak to Tortimer for your gift on each holiday.

Girl's Day in Japan - On March 3.
Boy's Day in Japan - On May 5.
Midsummer's Day in Europe - On June 21.
Starcrossed Day in Japan - On July 7.
Tsukimi in Japan - On September or October.
Autumn Moon in Europe - On September or October.
Naughty-or-Nice Day in Europe - On December 5.
Midwinter's Day in Europe - On December 21.

Rating 3

Brewster: Valentine's Day gift

On February 14h visit the Roost and order a coffee from Brewster. Brewster will wish you a happy Valentine's Day and give you a hot cocoa instead.

Rating 3

House Improvement Costs

Earn the following amounts of Bells to purchase the corresponding house improvements:

19,800 Bells - Normal house
120,000 Bells - First expansion(larger first floor)
248,000 Bells - Second expansion(even larger first floor)
368,000 Bells - Third expansion(add second floor)
598,000 Bells - Final expansion(add basement)

Rating 2

Bank Unlockables

Deposit the following numbers of bells at the bank to unlock the corresponding bonuses:

10,000 bells - Shopping Card
100,000 bells - Box Of Tissues
1,000,000 bells - Gold Card
10,000,000 bells - Piggy Bank
100,000,000 bells - Green Feather
200,000,000 bells - Blue Feather
300,000,000 bells - Yellow Feather
400,000,000 bells - Red Feather
500,000,000 bells - Purple Feather
600,000,000 bells - White Feather
700,000,000 bells - Rainbow Feather
999,999,999 bells - ABD

Rating 2

99,999 Bells yearly in interest

To receive the most amount of Bells a year in interest, which is 99,999 Bells, you must  have at least 19,999,800 Bells in your ABD account. A letter arrives every month in your mailbox that helps you keep track of how much you are earning through interest. You can also multiply the amount of bells in your ABD by 0.005.

Rating 2

KK Slider: Requesting songs

Speak with KK Slider when he's at the Museum's coffee shop on Saturdays from 8:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. He'll ask for a song request, allowing you to submit any of the following song titles. You'll also receive the song so you can play it on your music device at home.Note:tThese titles are case sensitive and must be inputted exactly as they are shown
Agent K.K
Aloha K.K.
Café K.K.
Comrade K.K.
Forest Life
Go K.K. Rider!
I Love You
Imperial K.K.
K.K. Aria
K.K. Ballad
K.K. Blues
K.K. Bossa
K.K. Calypso
K.K. Casbah
K.K. Chorale
K.K. Condor
K.K. Country
K.K. Cruisin'
K.K. D & B
K.K. Dirge
K.K. Dixie
K.K. Etude*
K.K. Faire
K.K. Folk
K.K. Fusion
K.K. Gumbo
K.K. House
K.K. Jazz
K.K. Lament
K.K. Love Song
K.K. Lullaby
K.K. Mambo
K.K. Marathon
K.K. March
K.K. Metal
K.K. Parade
K.K. Safari
K.K. Salsa
K.K. Samba
K.K. Ska
K.K. Sonata
K.K. Song
K.K. Soul
K.K. Steppe
K.K. Swing
K.K. Tango
K.K. Technopop
K.K. Waltz
K.K. Western
King K.K.
Lucky K.K.
Marine Song
Mountain Song
Mr. K.K.
My Place
Only Me
K.K. Rally
K.K. Reggae
K.K. Rock
K.K. Rockabilly
K.K. Ragtime
Rockin' K.K.
Señor K.K.
Soulful K.K.
Spring Blossoms
Stale Cupcakes
Steep Hill
Surfin' K.K.
The K. Funk
To the Edge
Two Days Ago

Rating 2

Zipper T. Bunny Money

Earn 100,000 bells in less than a half hour by performing the following steps:

1. Set the date and time to when the zipper comes to your town. (the rabbit will come in late march to the middle of April.)
2. Go speak with him at the town hall
3. Go around town and dig up all the stars you should have all the bunny eggs then crack them open and see what's inside.
4. You will probably find candy but after you dig them all up there should be 12 bunny foils.
5. Go back to zipper T. bunny and give him the foils one by one and he will give you egg items.
6. Go to tom nook and sell them all.

Rating 2

Altering Nook's Store

After Nook has upgraded his store to Nookington's, he'll ask you about it once a month. Your answers can persuade him to switch the store to a previous model.

Answer "Variety" - Get Nookington's
Answer "Balance" - Get Nookway
Answer "Hours" - Get Nook 'n' Go
Answer "Sorry, no" - Get Nook's Cranny

Rating 2

Unread message notice

There’s a canary sitting on top of the Message Board outside of Town Hall whenever you have a new message on it.

Rating 2

Tortimer's Goods

Unlock the following items by talking to Tortimer on the corresponding days:

Cool Globe - Talk to him on Nature Day.
Leaf - Talk to him on April Fool's Day.
Picnic Basket - Talk to him on Labor Day.
Resetti Model - Talk to him on Groundhog Day.
Sailboat Model - Talk to him on Explorer's Day.
Wheat Bundle - Talk to him on Harvest Moon.

Rating 1

Crossbreeding flowers

To crossbreed flowers, have any two flowers that are the same type and color. Place them beside, across, or horizontally from each other while leaving space around them for the crossbreed to grow. Water them every day (avoid trampling them!) to eventually grow unique crossbred flowers.

Rating 1

Fossil Price List

Amber fossil - 1,200 Bells.
Ammonite fossil - 1,100 Bells.
Coprolite fossil - 1,100 Bells.
Dinosaur Track fossil - 1,000 Bells.
Archaeopteryx fossil - 1,300 Bells.
Pecking Man fossil - 1,100 Bells.
Fern Fossil - 1,000 Bells.
Dinosaur Egg - 1,400 Bells.
Shark Tooth - 1,000 Bells.
Trilobite fossil - 1,300 Bells.
T.Rex Tail fossil - 5,000 Bells.
T.Rex Torso fossil - 5,500 Bells.
T.Rex Skull fossil - 6,000 Bells.
Tricera Tail fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Tricera Torso fossil - 5,000 Bells.
Tricera Skull fossil - 5,500 Bells.
Mammoth Torso fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Mammoth Skull fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Ankylo Tail fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Ankylo Torso fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Ankylo Skull fossil - 3,500 Bells.
Apato Tail fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Apato Torso fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Apato Skull fossil - 5,000 Bells.
Dimetrodon Tail fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Dimetrodon Torso fossil - 5,000 Bells.
Dimetrodon Skull fossil - 5,500 Bells.
Iguanodon Tail fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Iguanodon Torso fossil - 3,500 Bells.
Iguanodon Skull fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Sabertooth Torso fossil - 2,000 Bells.
Sabertooth Skull fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Pachy Tail fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Pachy Torso fossil - 3,500 Bells.
Pachy Skull fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Parasaur Tail fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Parasaur Torso fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Parasaur Skull fossil - 3,500 Bells.
Seismo Tail fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Seismo Hip fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Seismo Chest fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Seismo Skull fossil - 5,000 Bells.
Plesio Torso fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Plesio Neck fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Plesio Skull fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Stego Tail fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Stego Torso fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Stego Skull fossil - 5,000 Bells.
Ptera Right Wing fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Ptera Left Wing fossil - 4,500 Bells.
Ptera Skull fossil - 4,000 Bells.
Icthyo Torso fossil - 2,000 Bells.
Icthyo Skull fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Rapter Torso fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Rapter Skull fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Styraco Tail fossil - 2,500 Bells.
Styraco Torso fossil - 3,000 Bells.
Styraco Skull fossil - 3,500 Bells.

Rating 1

Holiday Gifts

Certain gifts will become available on certain dates depending on your regional settings:

January 1: New Year's Day - No gift
January third Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
January fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
February 2: Groundhog Day (North America) - Resetti Model (talk to Tortimer)
February 3: Bean Day (Japan) - Red Ogre Mask, Blue Ogre Mask
February 14: Valentine's Day - Chocolate Heart (arrives in mail). The week before Valentine's Day, send someone of the opposite gender a letter asking "Will you be my Valentine?". Note: They will not respond with the present until Valentine's Day.
February second Saturday - Fishing Tourney: Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
February fourth Sunday - Flea Market: Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
February to March (date varies): Festivale - Pave Furniture (give Pave candy)
March 3: Hinamatsuri/Girl's Day (Japan) - Rice Cake (talk to Tortimer)
March 1 to March 3 (Japan) - Hinaningyo (buy from Nook)
March 19: Father's Day (Spain, Italy) - Unknown gift
March third Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
March Sunday before Easter: Mother's Day (UK) - No gift
March fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
March to April (date varies): Bunny Day - Egg Furniture and Candy (give Bunny Foil to Zipper T. Bunny, candy and foil found inside eggs hidden around town)
April 1: April Fool's Day - Leaf (talk to Tortimer)
April second Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
April 22: Nature Day (North America) - Cool Globe (talk to Tortimer)
April fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
May 5: Boy's Day (Japan) - Newsprint Helmet
May 19: Teachers Day - School Bus Model
May first Sunday: Mother's Day (Spain) - No gift
May second Sunday: Mother's Day (North America, Japan, Germany, Italy, Netherlands) - No gift
May third Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
May fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
May last Sunday: Mother's Day (France) - No gift
May to June (Occurs 40 days after Bunny Day): Father's Day (Germany) - No gift
June third Saturday: Bug-Off - Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
June third Sunday: Father's Day (North America, Japan, UK, France, Netherlands) - No gift
June 16 or 21: Midsummer's Day (Europe) - Espresso Maker
June fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
July 7: Tanabata/Starcrossed Day (Japan) - Bamboo Grass
July third Saturday: Bug-Off - Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
July fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
August every Sunday: Fireworks Show - Sparkler (talk to Tortimer)
August third Saturday: Bug-Off - Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
September first Monday: Labor Day (North America) - Picnic Basket (talk to Tortimer)
September third Saturday: Bug-Off - Bug Trophy (win the Bug Tourney)
September fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
September to October (varies) Tsukimi (Japan) - Dango
September to October (Autumn Equinox varies): Autumn Moon (North America) - Wheat Bundle (talk to Tortimer)
September to October (Autumn Equinox varies): Harvest Moon (Europe) - Veggie Basket
October second Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
October second Monday: Explorer's Day (North America) - Sailboat Model (talk to Tortimer)
October fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
October 31: Halloween - Halloween furniture, accessories, clothing (for furniture, give candy to Jack or buy from Tom Nook; for accessories and clothing talk to Jack, but do not give candy)
November 1 to 30: Mushroom Hunting - Mush Furniture (pick mushrooms next to trees, one per day)
November third Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
November fourth Sunday: Flea Market - Various gifts (buy from neighbors)
November fourth Thursday: Harvest Festival- Harvest Furniture (talk to Tortimer for Knife and Fork, then trade them with Franklin for furniture)
December 5 or 6: Naughty-or-Nice Day (Europe) - Stuffed Stocking (talk to Jingle, normally one present per year unless you change your appearance)
December third Saturday: Fishing Tourney - Fishing Trophy (win the Fishing Tourney)
December 21: Midwinter's Day (Europe) - Snowglobe (talk to Tortimer)
December 23, 26 to 31: Festive items - Festive items (buy from Tom Nook)
December 24: Christmas Eve - Jingle Furniture, Stuffed Stocking (talk to Jingle, normally one present per year unless you change your appearance)
December 26 to December 31 (Japan) - Kadomatsu (buy from Nook)
December 26 to December 31 (Japan) - Kagamimochi (buy from Nook)
December 31: New Year's Day - New Year's Shirt (talk to Tortimer)

Rating 1

Different sound when changing clothes

Put on one of the Zap Suits and you'll hear a heroic fanfare instead of the usual sound you hear when changing clothes.

Rating 1

Item duplication hint

Note: An online connection and access to a friend's town is required.
First put the item you want to duplicate into your pocket and go to your friend's house. Drop the item on the ground and quickly pick it back up. Have your friend save their game and now drop the same item again on the ground. Run to the gate and say you want to go home. Copper will then say "Well then (name)", reset your Wii or press Home". Exit the game whichever way and restart the game again. Check your pockets and your item should still be there while a duplicate should also be on the ground at your friend's town. You can now either go back to your friend's town and retrieve the item or leave it for your friend.

Rating 1

Unlockable Tool Upgrades

Unlock the following tool upgrades by performing the corresponding tasks:

Golden Axe - Throw an axe into the town fountain to turn it golden.
Golden Fishing Rod - Catch all species of fish.
Golden Net - Catch all species of insect.
Golden Shovel - Bury a normal shovel and dig it up 4 days later.
Golden Slingshot - Knock down 8 balloons to have a random chance of obtaining it from a balloon.
Golden Watering Can - Earn a "Perfect" town rating for 15 days, then talk to Pelly at Town Hall.
Silver Axe - Throw an axe into the town fountain.
Silver Fishing Rod - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Net - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Shovel - Obtain from Resetti's Surveillance Center in the city.
Silver Slingshot - Purchase from Tom Nook's store.
Silver Watering Can - Purchase 50 bags of seeds from Tom Nook's store.

Rating 1

Birthday Money

Perform the following steps to get easy money:

1. Set the time to your birthday.
2. You should have some money in your mail box.
3. Go to the time/date and set it 1 year ahead. You have will receive money.

Repeat as desired.

Rating 1

Free Furniture

Attach a letter to things you don't want, sending it to another town resident; they'll reply with something in return.

Rating 1

Expanding your House

Expand your house to the following levels for the corresponding amounts of bells:

Normal House - Cost 19,800 Bells.
First Expansion - Cost 120,000 Bells.
Second Expansion - Cost 248,000 Bells.
Third Expansion - Cost 368,000 Bells.
Fourth (Final) Expansion - Cost 598,000 Bells.

Rating 1

Fishing in Winter

Catch the following fish in winter to earn the corresponding amounts of bells:

Catch Red Snapper - 3,000 Bells.
Catch String Fish - 15,000 Bells.
Catch Tuna - 7,000 Bells.

Rating 1

Lucky Items in house

Putting lucky items in your house will add an extra 7777 points.

Arwing (from StarFox) - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Dracaena - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Ivory Piano - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Jack in the Box - On Halloween, get Jack to play 3 tricks on you
Lafty Lucky Cat - Purchase from Redd
Lovely Phone - Present from Katie and Kaitli
Lucky Black Cat - Purchase from Redd
Lucky Cat - Purchase from Nook
Lucky Gold Cat - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Master Sword (from The Legend of Zelda) - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Music Box - Present from Katie and Kaitli
Piggy Bank - Put 100,000 Bells in bank
Raccon Figure - Purchase from Redd
Samurai Suit - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Treasure chest - Spotlight item at Nook’s
Triforce (from The Legend of Zelda) - Purchase from Redd
Washer/Dryer - Purchase from Nook

Rating 0

Get Redd's Invites

Select "No" when animals ask you, "Have you ever heard of Redd's shop in the city?"

Rating 0

Easiest way to get the Golden Slingshot

A present floating with balloons always appears when the last digit of the time is "5" and the hour is either 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., thus appearing twelve times a day. To easily find the balloon, head to the north side of your town. Don't stay up there the whole time but only run up there when you see a balloon. Shoot down eight balloons and the ninth balloon will have the Golden Slingshot, which can fire three pellets.

Rating 0

Tom Nook's Store Prizes

At Tom Nook's store, for every 100 Bells spent you will earn 1 point. Earn the following numbers of points to unlock the corresponding prizes:

500 points - Banana
800 points - Triple Shells
1,000 points  - Yoshi's Egg
2,500 points - Bad Bro 'Stache
3,000 points - Toad Hat
4,000 points - Peach's Parasol
5,000 points - Hero's Clothes, Varia Suit, or Wario Hat
6,000 points - Hero's Cap, Majora's Mask, or Samus Mask
6,500 points - Midna's Mask
10,000 points - Kart

Rating 0

Fishing money

The best time to go fishing is in late July or early August at around 7:00 PM. There will be a lot of expensive fish that you can catch such as a Shark(15,000 bells) or a Napoleanfish(10,000 bells).

Rating 0

Fish Price List

Bitterling - 900 Bells
Goldfish - 1,300 Bells (Rare)
Pale Chub - 200 Bells
Crucian Carp - Bells 120
Dace - 20 Bells0
Barbel Steed - 200 Bells
Carp - 300 Bells
Koi - 2,000 Bells (Rare)
Popeyed Goldfish - 1,300 Bells (Rare)
Killifish - 300 Bells (Rare)
Crawfish - 250 Bells
Frog - 120 Bells
Freshwater Goby - 300 Bells (Rare)
Loach - 300 Bells
Catfish - 800 Bells
Eel - 2,000 Bells
Giant Snakehead - 5,500 Bells
Bluegill - 120 Bells
Yellow Perch - 240 Bells
Black Bass - 300 Bells
Pike - 1,800 Bells
Pond Smelt - 300 Bells
Sweetfish - 900 Bells
Cherry Salmon - 1,000 Bells
Char - 3,800 Bells
Rainbow Trout - 800 Bells
Stringfish - 15,000 Bells (Rare)
Salmon - 700 Bells
King Salmon - 1,800 Bells
Guppy - 1,300 Bells (Rare)
Anglefish - 3,000 Bells (Rare)
Neon Tetra - 500 Bells
Piranha - 2,500 Bells (Rare)
Arowana - 10,000 Bells (Rare)
Dorado - 15,000 Bells (Rare)
Gar - 6,000 Bells (Rare)
Arapaima - 10,000 Bells (Rare)
Sea Butterfly - 1,000 Bells
Jellyfish - 100 Bells
Sea Horse - 1,100 Bells
Clownfish - 650 Bells
Surgeonfish - 1,000 Bells
Butterflyfish - 1,000 Bells
Napoleonfish - 10,000 Bells
Zebra Turkeyfish - 400 Bells
Puffer Fish - 240 Bells
Horse Mackerel - 150 Bells
Barred Knifejaw - 5,000 Bells
Sea Bass - 160 Bells
Red Snapper - 3,000 Bells
Dab - 300 Bells
Olive Flounder - 800 Bells (Rare)
Squid - 400 Bells
Octopus - 500 Bells
Lobster - 2,500 Bells
Moray Eel - 2,000 Bells
Football Fish - 2,500 Bells (Rare)
Tuna - 7,000 Bells (Rare)
Blue Marlin - 10,000 Bells (Rare)
Ray - 3,000 Bells
Sea Sunfish - 4,000 Bells (Rare)
Hammerhead Shark - 8,000 Bells (Rare)
Shark - 15,000 Bells (Rare)
Coelacanth - 15,000 Bells (Rare)

Rating 0

Brewster: Gyroid storage

Brewster will offer to store Gyroids for you if you speak with him at the museum cafe. He will only offer if you have a Gyroid with you.

Rating 0

Bank Deposit Prizes

Deposit the following amounts in the bank to unlock the corresponding prizes:

Deposit 10,000 Bell - Unlock Shopping Card.
Deposit 100,000 Bell - Unlock Box of Tissues.
Deposit VIP Status - Unlock Gold Card.

Rating 0

Town Hall model

You will receive a letter from Mayor Tortimer when one year has passes in your town.  The letter contains a Town Hall model.

Rating 0

Get Valentine's Day Festivities

Send a letter asking "Will you be my Valentine" to a town animal and you'll acquire a Chocolate Heart Candy Box item on Valentine's Day (February 14).