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Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats "Zipper T. Bunny Money" (Nintendo Wii)


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Zipper T. Bunny Money

Earn 100,000 bells in less than a half hour by performing the following steps:

1. Set the date and time to when the zipper comes to your town. (the rabbit will come in late march to the middle of April.)
2. Go speak with him at the town hall
3. Go around town and dig up all the stars you should have all the bunny eggs then crack them open and see what's inside.
4. You will probably find candy but after you dig them all up there should be 12 bunny foils.
5. Go back to zipper T. bunny and give him the foils one by one and he will give you egg items.
6. Go to tom nook and sell them all.

2 years ago

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