Bleach: Versus Crusade Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Team Battle mode Wii-mote moves

-Perform the following Team Battle moves by pressing the corresponding buttons:

Switch partners - Press Up.
Summon partner to attack - Down.
Summon CPU-controlled partner - Z + Down.

-The following characters can perform a special move by pressing Z and shaking the Nunchuck twice:

Ichigo - Hollow Mask
Byakuya - White Imperial Sword
Grimmjow - Death Gallon

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Filler Captain Amagai

Filler Captain Amagai can be purchased at Urahara's shop after you earn money in Story, Survival, and Two-Player Vs. mode. Note: You may first need to purchase Gashapon at Urahara's shop.

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Perform the following moves by pressing the corresponding buttons:

Dash or Shunpo - Press C.
Counter - Press Z.
Strong attack - Press B.
Weak attack - Press A.
Slash combos - Shake Wii-mote.
Special strong attack - Press Z + B.
Special Weak attack - Press Z + A.
Bankai - Press Z and shake the Nunchuck.

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by defeating them in the corresponding chapters:

Aaroniero - Defeat in Chapter 27
Aizen - Defeat in Chapter 49
Grimmjaw - Defeat in Chapter 10
Ichimaru Gin - Defeat in Chapter 47
Nel (Adult) - Defeat in Chapter 41
Noitora - Defeat in Chapter 26
Shinji - Defeat in Chapter 3
Szayel - Defeat in Chapter 32
Ulquiorra - Defeat in Chapter 29
Yami - Defeat in Chapter 6
Zomari - Defeat in Chapter 36