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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cheats "Perks list" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  PC  |  NDS


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Perks list

The following is a list of perks that can be unlocked:

Tier 1
Flak Jacket - Reduces explosive damage.
Flak Jacket Pro - Deflect fire damage, and safely toss back grenades.
Ghost - Undetectable by the Spy Plane and Blackbird.
Ghost Pro - Undetectable by aircraft, IR scopes, Sentry Guns, and no red cross hair on your name when targeted.
Hardline - Killstreaks require one less kill.
Harline Pro - Change the contents of a Care Package.
Lightweight - Move faster.
Lightweight Pro - No fall damage.
Scavenger - Get ammo from fallen enemies.
Scavenger Pro - Start with extra magazines, and get grenades from fallen enemies.

Tier 2
Hardened - Bullets penetrate better.
Hardened Pro - Increased bullet damage to killstreaks and less aiming recoil when shot.
Scout - Hold breath longer.
Scout Pro - Switch weapons faster.
Sleight Of Hand - Faster reloads.
Sleight Of Hand Pro - ADS with all weapons, except sniper rifles.
Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Steady Aim Pro - Faster ADS after sprinting.
Warlord - Equip two attachments to your primary weapon.
Warlord Pro - Start with one extra lethal and tactical grenade (except Willy Pete).

Tier 3
Hacker - Ability to detect enemy equipment and explosives.
Hacker Pro - Booby trap enemy Care Packages and turn enemy killstreaks and equipment friendly.
Marathon - Longer sprint.
Marathon Pro - Unlimited duration.
Ninja - Silent movement.
Ninja Pro - Make no noise, and hear all enemies louder.
Second Chance - Ability to use your pistol before dying.
Second Chance Pro - Survive longer, and get revived by teammates.
Tactical Mask - Protects against Nova Gas.

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