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Carnival Games Cheats "Unlockable Items" (Nintendo Wii)

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Unlockable Items

Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks:

Anchor Club - Get at least par on all Pirates Delight courses.
Barker Ball - Three Barker Coins, click on the counter upper-right box.
Barker Coin - Defeat the Barker.
Barker Shoes - 3 Barker coins, lower-left box.
Barker Tie - 3 Barker coins, lower box.
Candy Striped ball - 50 Fairy coins, upper-right box.
Cane Club - 3 Barker coins, upper-middle box.
Cannon Ball - 80 Pirate coins, upper-right box.
The Cat Jester - 150 Knight coins, middle box.
Choo Choo Club - Get par or better on all Wild West courses.
Cupid Wings - Click the silo in Barnyard.
Dag-gone Dra-gone - 125 Knight coins, right box.
Delicious Cupcake - 75 Fairy coins, right box.
Dino Tail - 100 Prehistoria coins.
Dragon Wings - Click the pumpkin in lower-right at Spook-O-Rama.
Egg Ball - 40 Barn coins; upper-right box.
Eye Of Ra Ball - 50 Ra coins; upper-right box.
Falling Star Club - Get at least par on all Fairytella courses.
Florance Mask - Click the sphinx in the left hand side of Ra's Revenge.
G-nome Necklace - 299 Fairy coins; lower.
Hay Club - Get par or better on all 3 Barnyard courses.
Human G-nome - 205 Fairy coins; middle.
Knight Club - Get at least par on all King's Court courses.
Lava Ball - 50 Prehistoria coins, upper-right box.
Leaping Lizard - 75 Prehistoria coins, middle box.
Lion Paws - Click on the volcano in lower-left at Prehistoria.
Mace Ball - 45 Knight coins, upper-right box.
Monkey-on-my-back - Click the Tiki head in upper-left Amazeon.
Mr. Shield - 200 Knight coins, lower box.
Rainbow Shoes - Click the lower-right knight in King's Court.
Samurai Face - Click the wagon in lower Wild West.
Scepter Club - Get at least par on all Ra's Revenge courses.
Sharkster Shoes - Click the skull in Pirate's Delight.
Sunday Shoes - Click the small house in the upper-right corner of Fairytella.
Tooth Club - Get at least par on all Prehistoria courses.
Tumbleweed Ball - 75 West coins, upper-right box.
Wacko - 50 Prehistoria coins, right box.

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