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Carnival Games Cheats "Unlockable Prizes" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   NDS


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Unlockable Prizes

Unlock the following prizes by performing the corresponding tasks in the specified games:

Alley Ball - Score 100 three times in a row to win the Dinosaur Scales.
Balloon Darts - Pop three small green balloons to win the Jester's Hat.
Collection Plate - Get each lit up plate.
Dunk Tank - Hit the Scuba Tank and the Green Hat to win them.
Football Toss - Hit the Army Helmet on the ground in Football Toss to win it.
Frog Leap - Land in the center lilypad.
Going Nuts - Catch the purple nut to win the Jester's Boots.
Lucky Cups - Get the ball in the gold cup and any green cup.
Meter-O-Love - Achieve the highest rank.
Nerves of Steel - Get past all three stages without touching the wire to win the Cat Ears.
Pigskin Pass - Hit the army hat.
Prize Claw - Get the purple googly eye hat and select it when it falls.
Shoot For The Stars - Hit the Cowboy Hat to win it.
Spilled Milk - When the blue and red striped bottles appear at random, knock the stack down to win the Pirate's Garb and Pirate's Hat.
Super Day At The Races - Place first in under a minute.
Super Hole in One - Get through four holes.
Super Hoops - Score 24 points.
Super Spilled Milk - Score over 80 points to win the Musket.
The Great Swami - Play until you get the special card to win the Swami Hat.

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