Conduit, The Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 4

Concept Art

To unlock the Concept Art Galleries, collect ten conspiracy data disks. There are a total of six galleries that can be unlocked.

Rating 3

Jefferson Memorial fight on Level 3

This fight is very difficult if you do not know the best tactics to use. First, there are four health packs in the area, one by the ammo box where the cinematic/checkpoint plays, one in a pool of water on a broken area of the steps, and two on the walls at both sides of the entrance to the memorial. Do not use any of them on your first try. If you do and you die, they will not respawn for future attempts from the checkpoint. Another thing to note is that the ammunition box will restock your Frag Grenades. Therefore, use it immediately and you may be able to return for more later. The first wave of drones is best taken out from long range and behind the partial cover of the wall at the checkpoint with a scoped weapon, preferably charged shots from a Strike Rifle. If you don't have one, you can get one from a downed Drone as you advance. Proceed forward and make sure you hit the pair of rolling kamikaze Ther-mites from a safe distance. Once you get close enough to see two of the active conduits (you may want to take cover behind the highest set of sandbags), there are two good methods for taking them out, but the SMAW rocket launcher provided is not one of them. The long reload after each shot, as well as the splash damage if you accidentally hit a pillar or Drone at close range, will most likely get you killed. If you still have the HVS45 Prototype Pistol from earlier in the level, use it to take each one out in a single shot (and a few Drudge as you go); otherwise use charged shots from your Strike Rifle. Fight your way inside (do not forget about your grenades or the health packs at the entrance), and use either the HVS45, Strike Rifle, or Frag Grenades to torch the other two conduits. After you clean up the remaining Drudge, you will get another message (and a checkpoint) stating that you have been sent a rescue chopper. Pick up any health units available if you need them and go outside. You can pick up the SMAW for this part if preferred. Two human enemies will appear. After killing them, go down the stairs. Do not forget about the collectable disc to the left. Drones will jump out of the water. You can either pick them off from the safety of the memorial, or you can go after them and use the health pack and ammo box (more Frag Grenades) from the beginning of the fight to help. After you take them all out, go to the helicopter to finish the level. If you are still having trouble under the Guarded or higher difficulty setting, you can always switch to Low difficulty for this fight.

Rating 2

Single-Player Codes

Unlock the following cheats in Single-Player mode by completing the corresponding tasks:

Fiery Death(enemies disintegrate) -  Earn the "Secret Master"achievement by finding all secrets in all single player missions. Whenthis cheat is activated, enemies die as if they were killed by acharged shot.
Fully Stocked(infinite ammo) - Earn the "Annihilator Award" achievement by killing 1,000 enemies.
Stopping Power(one-shot kills) - Earn the "Campaign Award" achievement by completing all single player missions.

Rating 2

Final mission hint

On the last section of the last mission, you must activate eight conduits in three minutes. It is difficult because every time you activate one, it releases a difficult monster. The following is an easy way to kill them and complete the mission: at the start of the last mission you will see weapons on the walls. Among them is the Carbonizer (shoots a continuous beam). This will kill them easily. Note: It has fifteen shots with every reload and it requires all of them to kill the aliens. Make sure you do not use it until this part of the mission.

Rating 2

Floating TPC grenade glitch

Fire the TPC launcher and switch weapons simultaneously. If done correctly, this will result in a floating, inert TPC grenade. It will not explode and simply remain at its location.

Rating 2

Useless flashlight hint

In a multiplayer battle, obtain a chargeable weapon (Strike Rifle, Warp Pistol, Deatomizer) and charge it up, then press the pause button. You will hear a firing noise, but there won't be a bullet (although ammo will be depleted). After unpausing, a small remnant of light will be leftover on the gun. It will not be apparent to opposing players and will stay with you until you get killed. It does nothing to enhance gameplay, whatsoever.

Rating 2

Hop the Invisible Wall in Gridlock

At the end of Mission 5 "Gridlock", there is a Drudge ammunition cache in the far right corner as seen from the entrance. Hop onto it and, from there, hop onto the hedge directly in front of you. Walk forward a couple paces and drop down to your left. If done correctly, you should be on the other side of the invisible wall around the helicopter.

Rating 1

Single-Player Awards

Unlock the following awards by performing the corresponding tasks in Single-Player mode:

Annihilator Award - Kill 1,000 enemies.
Campaign Award - Beat all missions.
Carbonizer Mk16 Award - Kill 250 with the Carbonizer Mk16.
Deatomizer Mk4 Award - Kill 250 with the Deatomizer Mk4.
Deatomizer Mk9 Award - Kill 100 with the Deatomizer MK9.
Drone Hunter - Kill 250 Drones
Frag Grenade Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Frag Grenade.
Hive Cannon Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Hive Cannon.
HVS45 Award - Kill 100 enemies with the HVS45
Invader Hunter - Kill 25 Invaders
Med-Mite Hunter - Kill 125 Med-Mites
MP5KA4 Award - Kill 250 enemies with the MP5KA4.
Para-Mite Hunter - Kill 75 Para-Mites
Puppet Hunter - Kill 250 Puppets
Radiation Grenade Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Radiation Grenade.
SCAR Award - Kill 250 enemies with the SCAR
Scarab Hunter - Kill 100 Scarabs
Secret Master - Find all secrets.
Shrieker Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Shrieker.
Skimmer Hunter - Kill 100 Skimmers
SMAW Award - Kill 250 enemies with the SMAW
SPAS 12 Award - Kill 250 enemies with the SPAS 12
Storm Scarab Hunter - Kill 50 Storm Scarabs.
Strike Rifle Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Strike Rifle
Striker Award - Kill 100 enemies with the Striker
Tear-Mite Hunter - Kill 250 Tear-Mites
Therm-Mite Hunter - Kill 200 Therm-Mites
TPC Launcher Award - Kill 250 enemies with the TPC Launcher
Trust Hunter - Kill 200 Trusts
USP45 Award - Kill 250 enemies with the USP45
Warp Pistol Award - Kill 250 enemies with the Warp Pistol

Rating 1

Weapon charge tip

To keep a weapon charged, charge a shot, melee attack, and reload. You will not have to hold the button to keep it charged.

Rating 1

Avoid falling

To avoid receiving damage from falling in Multiplayer mode, pause the game while you are in free fall to float.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding case-sensitive codes:

Custom ASE skin - "NewASE11"
Secret Agent skin - "SuitMP13"
Drone(single player) - "Drone4SP"