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Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Cheats "Mission 100 hint" (Nintendo Wii)


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Mission 100 hint

Since you only get 15 destruction points to make a team, the last few battles of Mission 100 are pretty difficult. First complete Dragon History mode to unlock Broly, Hercule, and SSJ4 Gogeta. Now give these three characters Z points until they all have seven Z item slots. Give the following items to Broly and Hercule: King Kai’s Training, Proof of Friendship, Rising Fighting Spirit, and Savior. Give SSJ4 Vegeta the following items: Master Roshi’s Training, Proof of Friendship, Kibito’s Secret Art, Savior, and Rising Fighting Spirit. For the remaining slots give them whichever item fits your playing style. With this combination you should now have the best fighting team for the Ultimate Enemies. Note: You can find all the Z items listed above in the store, Sim Dragon modes, and Dragon History.

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