Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3

Survival mode

Complete 30 missions in 100 Mission mode to unlock Survival mode.

Rating 3

Incorrect name

If SSJ4 Goku fights against Omega Shenron, Goku will refer to him as his previous form, “Syn Shenron”.

Escaping Rush attacks:
While fighting with the (a) button and your opponent tries to do a special rush attack, simplypress (a) + (b) + LEFT + RIGHT . Then you dodge the attack! You can also do dragon dash to collapse.

Rating 2

Mission 100 hint

Since you only get 15 destruction points to make a team, the last few battles of Mission 100 are pretty difficult. First complete Dragon History mode to unlock Broly, Hercule, and SSJ4 Gogeta. Now give these three characters Z points until they all have seven Z item slots. Give the following items to Broly and Hercule: King Kai’s Training, Proof of Friendship, Rising Fighting Spirit, and Savior. Give SSJ4 Vegeta the following items: Master Roshi’s Training, Proof of Friendship, Kibito’s Secret Art, Savior, and Rising Fighting Spirit. For the remaining slots give them whichever item fits your playing style. With this combination you should now have the best fighting team for the Ultimate Enemies. Note: You can find all the Z items listed above in the store, Sim Dragon modes, and Dragon History.

Rating 2

Select any Tournament mode

To enter any Tournament mode first save the game one hour before the start of a tournament. For example, to fight in the World Tournament (which begins at 07:00) keep entering and exiting Tournament mode until your clock reads "06:00". Now exit Tournament mode and save the game under options. Now enter Tournament mode and there should be a big "Welcome" sign and a picture of the next tournament should appear. Enter the tournament. If you want to fight in a different level then go to options and load your saved game file. Now enter the tournament again and repeat if necessary until the desired level is selected.

Rating 2

Select your Shenron

Go to Shenron after collecting all the Dragon balls. if you don’t get the Shenron you want, exit without saving the game. Instead, head to the options menu and load your data. After loading you should still have your Dragon Balls. Now use them and there should be a different Shenron. Note: Just make sure to save after you get the Dragon Balls but not after you go to Shenron. Remember to choose whichever wish the current Shenron offers you and exit without saving. Now load you data to find a different Shenron.

Rating 1

Tournament schedule

Whenever you exit Tournament mode and go back in the clock moves forward by one hour.

World Tournament - 07:00
World Martial Arts Big Tournament - 13:00
Cell Games - 19:00
Other World Tournament - 00:00
Yamcha Games - 05:00

Rating 1

Easy Dragon Ball tips

-The easiest way to get Dragon Balls is by fighting in the rocky areas in Dragon History mode.

-Go to the "Final Fusion" mission on the Majin Buu Saga and use the Dragon Dash on the rocks until you find Dragon balls.

Rating 1

Unlockable Background Music

Unlock the following background music by performing the corresponding tasks:

I Give You A Romantic background music - Complete Dragon History.
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Full) background music - Complete Dragon World Tour, Cell Game, Difficulty 2 Victory.
Super Suvivor (Instrumental, Short) background music - Complete Dragon World Tour, World Tournament, Difficulty 2 Victory.
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Full) background music - Complete Dragon World Tour, Otherworld Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory.
Super Suvivor (Vocal, Short) background music - Complete Dragon World Tour, Super World Tournament, Difficulty 3 Victory.

Rating 1

Tenkaichi 2 bonus

Have a saved game from Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 on your hard drive to unlock characters in versus mode that you have unlocked in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2.

Rating 1

Tail-less great ape transformation: Vegeta

Vegeta (Scouter)'s second costume has no tail but can transform into a great ape anyways. Usually a tail is needed to transform into a great ape.

Rating 1

Unique pre-battle dialogue

Sometimes characters who actually battled each other on the television show will say different dialogue before a fight. For example, if Goku fights Vegeta then Vegeta will say “Let’s settle this Kakarot. Seems like a long time since we fought seriously huh?”, or if Ultimate Gohan fights Super Buu then Buu will say “ Hahahaha! What? You want to fight me? Fight you? No I'm gonna kill you!"

Rating 0

Unlockable Capsules

Complete 50 out of the 100 missions to unlock the Combo Master capsule. Complete all 100 missions to unlock the Quick Charge capsule.

Rating 0

Unlockable Red Potara Characters

Unlock the following character's Red Potara version in Duel mode by entering the corresponding passwords:

Android #8 - 6kcf+ @lvj0 -yBz2 x? V7W8H 8z?Hl C4!r# M9
Android #13 - 099T0 VW%5b 3t&Cm S! s)fQL XlN5# hf#z$ CV
Android #16 - $jY2f sK%*g jY55x pJ S8&F( 6&Ws@ 7Sb9? 1V
Android #17 - F9@3% FYNtz @0#wD d2 Py602 J-q4& lwHZB fV
Android #18 - mkSFw +DPnr nx6qW !x GPJT? 6N2k@ $CJ?6 --
Android #19 - 2cGy) 1z0B3 63HCS Dt pBk*T rmZyY L5c3q CZ
Appule - BLM@0 d*@nJ 8#8S+ )fq7f8D t+Yh( z$QPS 1!
Arale - 0Qkc2 S#!nS #(y!$ C7 Mp8*s 3jX1M 6XXn2 P$
Babidi - DT+-z lQkHl WnHn% jp q?@1Q @$90F 8Rd3x LV
Baby Vegeta - (&!!( B7886 WhYnn Lv GLL$g xfLz$ t?R-l SL
Bardock - j0RHf *(YrP -j4ml #G xK(CT -3Kjc 3rh50 9Y
Bojack - 6cHZ7 WV)cY l+JC0 L& *ynTD wKZV% qG*Jp bV
Broly - 6*G?q +0P?p (?7LS Dj (lgv4 5m4!k 8$v(8 v?
Burter - q*qR8 1kghT Nh9kS !v NdMxP 4SG8T PNbfm j(
Cell - 1yCbW 7rL#P nRcWP Rv F5HYN X7sRf *BZ+4 1J
Cell Jr. - 9hVKP 5F&%Q ?HmW2 !y c*)W4 Z7f4f rbZzC +5
Chiaotzu - &hz9M bm3%2 pF+8W 7@ B)0BV p#YKv @0d9L 9*
Chi-Chi - VkQN( q#z?K 0?QBK Lq PC$W( Rd7V2 w+Gj4 &S
Cooler - G3b9n fj?54 tCn+r Z! !V4kq SkvHc 5DPX? Wf
Cui - n*cHH dkhCV JLCKq %C SP+-8 (rXbv fXptR -d
Cyborg Tao - C79%0 B0%+- Xn!7n QH F$*pJ DSVt6 9hyzN jN
Dabura - hp?lT vycM- @1z?3 @j *LWC9 6GBdC B9@$R F)
Demon King Piccolo - TR-0J 7f12k gf?FS z8 9WB@j y9@B2 cPnCg mb
Devilman - BkgF3 NkMWF f5ff& 73 PTZJX V5@@r L)xZP DP
Dodoria - FQ+73 z#vDL MCGM0 cb LnFvD 8fGB@ 7lfWz +3
Dr. Gero - pBSZc !nP0V ZjD*N +b cmPxq dsSJ$ +Q-X% kx
Dr. Wheelo - )FsKb Q$2GC fYJNN ws QhLGb 3SW7c zvzS) fZ
Evil Buu - lTWKx lLtLF y3+0$ @n T5F1l h&0#t T)2+4 4+
Fasha - csn-c 3)C5J r)z(f 4t fV?gQ W0T!y VblDs #f
Frieza - K3vBF dcrSD nYz9r NR JLJS9 t4j4! Jr1z% 9k
Frieza Soldier - +66df LR8Qw 3HtY2 +2 $HzFh l*G0r )j69) D3
Future Gohan - zKtY@ 5dn#5 0%x6b Vy Vf(8c chX?? fWq+k KQ
Garlic Jr. - Q*)Zq xs%&@ KgrjL mx 1Vg0j 04Jg? #fW5x Mw
General Blue - v2+Xb Bll#B Kcn8J XN Ms5f9 HqnP2 Rh?zh x&
General Tao - 15%lM xxySd h(fd? $K gRzfc +CXy+ 0G)hW d2
Ginyu - 19Myd mWdMK gB$HZ MS @Q#4q HVWJ- bCX!SsH
Gohan - 2kX?) 8kJQk j9X0q KD b8RQ9 bq)Sv 8%V5Z ?C
Goku early - S+2wR ffGkp F2R96 Y! cQ*x2 K!0pC $NQXM $2
Goku mid - ?Pr8z NK@yv jDfF% xJ F3xd% wQG@W BR0-W y4
Goku end - bJGN) 1#&K5 *l!%$ md c0gsW NLsfH $lCZR -q
Goten - zk*9! $6h81 P%B&t Sg @8MTZ T@11p (294n KD
Grandpa Gohan - ccgjm Q8DFD zlBdG JD Flrl0 XlvD4 cQ2H@ pw
GT Goku - TT5bz g1ky- Y-?fv 3L H2X-g $yW!R #5B)q (?
Guldo - SGZQL @KBf9 PH5q0 Kx @VSX2 4&HKV ny!VM dF
Hercule - lH8c2 *7+5- #RT?# mB sVzl% n3FVn 4D290 S7
Hirudegarn - %@93) s0jW5 TYvM8 )m rwc!H MynyB gdD)6 09
Janemba - @-w*& 3)sWx q0$m5 #3 R27nX 5mr8X *n9Qp -P
Jeice - 4S@%D -XbNF #f)DT sC CzkLX T+fFX K0yjM VL
Kid Buu - +kh8l ?Pxt$ mbv+t *g $s?C2 XKYfx ZR&3J Z3
Kid Gohan - 7MD-x vq3(1 %#BkJ j* m@&c- MjZqB DT6D? Ns
Kid Goku - 6cm9Q y6cZd (mTS0 Y6 +TBy2 hv#!L (q63b cg
Kid Trunks - S8k3j vFg0t WKWV! vL CF@jS KPZyl C3?yp Pm
King Cold - pJjP5 q6WlX 2sWgb Qz 9*+Sr MhDtM n#KBt (-
King Vegeta - mSW4V ?HfTv 8p!*5 z* S$YB( -sNg# yGQ98 bX
Krillin - c7wQ@ jjR64 T&glr F2 n$@%q 7!0r9 Pnysg DC
Majin Buu - Kc0g7 zM8P& 03YnZ )- 7%kGy K$)Q% fS0rX gY
Majin Vegeta - h5mQ7 94BKd lGZhW nd kRbC$ (y%pJ 7c4T% Wv
Mecha Frieza - $*@Tg jwF9w BN5n4 #* *?jHD tbvJM psKDT lX
Meta-Cooler - lJwLy C!64m x4*Rj *s !%Yk3 ?g#+# Xh-DX 2H
Nail - ZkcWC L$M%? *ScHN YC Dn*v$ fFDhs d#(&M zd
Nam - rF1$R C(xfk 6l9Ld rn Rhf%c (x$34 clfMM xH
Nappa - gT+30 PGJhF 8lv99 Zn (MZZm xgvTQ cG46K q8
Nuova Shenron - @489V m4Nz% PrTpN zj pnG4D pq)4? *yzlN 4K
Pan - l)hWr 0#9mm !hPx) Db mXcMP J$lw7 snj7n z0
Piccolo early - 14qnm F$+vV rjqVm Nd vyBd$ 6jt6g bWt1w g$
Piccolo end - $mkc- rBKgX c4j*q (N Bl4l? s2%dB J1bjp nH
Pikkon - Z7rY8 FLX4P 1Z%gq Y7 8+2Nq 9pn@t Hk%Yq vc
Pilaf Machine - 0%fDD &x9kk xVZgC XJ nrwps (+Tnx qTc(m w$
Raditz - mJbsF 3-N)9 nsLDl (Z qbSg4 3Mt2* l?kK) Pl
Recoome - z5*0W &R(qD PQLF( 4Y C(D7L srl$G gD0%c ?%
Roshi - jK#dd 3)p+q #L0wf !# Cc8@b 35Fg5 RdzsY DN
Saibamen - v9SKL &MbMb %)0SM ZB 3nK&) L$6qq 83Kwk Pj
Salza - kQ6d$ @qZd% r&Bn# 6$ 6NRWW T5p5D y8Y(V Jb
Slug - G#65$ jd-Qk 9r5NL Wx bPF2L XFjFL kpyp( db
Spopovich - t(7@x 7W?y( )7RXd cl KTBlH Sp&+B *mYg6 rF
SSJ4 Vegeta - 3Njf# Sn&W* WM+jy Wj +X-5+ CJH+4 Nby-3 0M
Super 17 - 4HZ@g lcfhb RW93b s8 yQ5Cz (LTQ$ KwL3C 9X
Super Buu - hlC-2 SGFTY r7HNR 2x Cc!b$ Gs23& gt7sK 1C
Supreme Kai - $MS-n dzc$$ p#D8L 8b @J(87 4kV++ %fZb5 4v
Syn Shenron - 6&b+F 93)88 cpK6+ L$ xj+v% !grGW F@gSw &p
Tambourine - YhSvT dSP4$ MdRl# X$ kcBZ( +KKnM vdMrZ KD
Tapion - ghcFh 6+6t1 SMG9T 83 62#Y2 tXVNb )K5yy Hh
Teen Gohan - ZDK-V @c?v@ Cq(r7 z? GbhlF !-bt) g7q-? jM
Tien - gTRYn hpJgn G)9%6 7H &DyVf bbBYp 09hSf G7
Trunks - knL?2 w65wh T5(PQ QV BsN$- cp?b6 7Wwf% Lf
Trunks (sword) - tpcBk kx(mW &NJ+? xm wf9Nv z$M*7 8vM+2 -W
Turles - yt#P3 #rKW8 wJcB0 tY MqTqc ?!4fF Dp$zr fg
Ultimate Gohan - 8Gr7v VgXT+ J&-f0 w4 0p1g1 Y(%K# GSpF4 bt
Uub - F#cnL 7zjGj jfP)g CD QQD$H 4M$F+ fkW$$ %k
Vegeta - H?vy# q%H8w 6F(Wx H3 DsW?c C3-NB vZ@Vf &#
Vegeta Scouter - S0VVV lfNjB $&$&# G5 *tT0l H07K2 Gj$4g 2?
Vegeta second form - kMPL8 JCC1s 9n96M 7h HvTBh #zmX0 *+BQf 5N
Videl - $Y0Hr 7HH3b 3Pck% 51 VyQjM 8f+c# cxFc1 wG
Yajirobe - Y%yL1 3JC%d d?W5+ hz 42rnX t7SgF D-T4G Jl
Yamcha - gZk4T R5t7p ll&9P h9 Pf)@p nTLPh ZQjV9 +#
Zangya - sx#J% 1mdcl 4r6W3 w0 l7$V4 &XVH) hJ+jt Bs
Zarbon - -t5C8 r1rpj &Bj)? fs (pWxS -*6rf 00C7j j

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Akkuman - Complete Dragon History What If Saga "Unexpected Messiah".
Android 08 (Hatchan in Japanese version) - Complete Dragon History What If Saga "Affectionate Android".
Arale - Complete Dragon History What If Saga "Dream Match - Goku vs. Arale".
Babidi - Complete Dragon History Majin Buu Saga "Farewell To The Proud Warrior".
Cyborg Tao-Pai-Pai - Win Otherworld Tournament level 2.
Devilman - Complete Dragon History "What If" Saga "Unexpected Help".
Dr. Wheelo - Complete Dragon History Special Saga "Strongest In The World".
Fasha (Seripa) - Win Yamcha Game level 3.
General Blue - Complete Dragon History Dragonball Saga "Penguin Village".
Gohan (Future) - Wish from Shenron.
Goku (GT) - Complete Dragon Ball History GT Saga "Immortal Monster".
Kid Chi-Chi - Wish from Red Shenron.
King Cold - Win Cell Game level 3.
King Piccolo - Complete Dragon History Dragonball Saga "Goku Strikes Back".
King Vegeta - Complete Dragon History What If Saga "Galaxy Battle".
Nail - Complete Dragon History Frieza Saga "Super Saiyan!?".
Nam - Complete Dragon History Dragonball Saga "Ceiling vs. Ground".
Nuova Shenron - Complete Dragon History's Dragon Ball GT Saga "Solar Warrior 6000 Degrees of Power!"
Pilaf Machine - Win Super World Tournament level 2.
Spopovich - Win World Tournament level 3.
Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta - Defeat Ultimate Super Gogeta in Dragon Ball GT Saga.
Super Saiyan 4 Goku - Defeat Ultimate Android in Dragon Ball GT Saga.
Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta - Defeat Ultimate Super Gogeta in Dragon Ball GT Saga.
Tambourline - Complete Dragon History Dragonball Saga "Goku Strikes Back".

Rating 0

Hitting big characters

The following list of characters can hit big characters with Rush Blast 2's and Ultimate Blasts without being knocked back:

Goku GT - Dragon Fist
Goku (end) SSJ3 - Dragon Fist
Goku GT SSJ3 - Dragon Fist
Goku GT SSJ4 - Dragon Fist
Kid Goku - Penetrate!
Tapion - Brave Sword Attack
Trunks SSJ - Heat Dome Attack
Yajirobe - Miracle Kablam Slash

Rating 0

Unlockable Stages

Unlock the following stages by performing the corresponding tasks:

Get Desert (Daytime) - Green Shenron's wish
Get Desert (Evening) - Prevail in the Yamcha Game Tournament level 2
Get Desert (Night) - Prevail in the Cell Games level 2
Get Hell (Janemba's stage) - Defeat "Janemba" in "Special Saga"
Get King's Castle - Red Shenron's wish
Get Mount Paozu (Grandpa Gohan's house) - Green Shenron's wish
Get Muscle Tower (Red Ribbon's Tower) - Defeat "Decisive Battle at Holy Palace" in "Dragon Ball Saga"
Get Penguin Village - Red Shenron's wish