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Dragon Blade: Wrath Of Fire Cheats "Cheat Codes" (Nintendo Wii)


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Cheat Codes

Press Z + Plus and then enter any of the corresponding codes to activate the following cheats. Press Z + Minus to cancel a code.

Dragon Double Arm - Swing Nunchuck Right, swing Wii-mote Left, swing Nunchuck Right + Wii-mote Left, swing Nunchuck Down + Wii-mote Down.
Dragon Head - Swing Wii-mote Right, swing Wii-mote Down, swing Nunchuck Left, swing Nunchuck Right.
Dragon Tail - Swing Wii-mote Down, swing Wii-mote Up, swing Wii-mote Left, swing Wii-mote Right.
Dragon Wings - Swing Nunchuck Up + Wii-mote Up, swing Nunchuck Down + Wii-mote Down, swing Nunchuck Right + Wii-mote Left, swing Nunchuck Left + Wii-mote Right.

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