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Endless Ocean: Blue World Cheats "Photo request and locations" (Nintendo Wii)


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Photo request and locations

Photo requests can be found at the following locations:

Armory Landmark - Unknown.
Banded Angel Fish - Deep Hole (A2, small shiny spot).
Bertrella Aurantiac - Valka Castle, grid mark C2 at the glowing spot.
Capier - All over the Arctic during the day.
Cross Rift - Cicero Straits. It should already be marked on your map. You do not have to dive at midnight for this one if you have the Cross Rift dive spot unlocked.
Electric Eel - Amazon River, maze forest.
Enchanted Hallway - Unknown.
Golden Clown Golby - Grid mark F, G, 3, 4, but is found with Yellow Golby fish at the bottom of grid mark G4 (purple coral).
Great White Shark - Cicero Straits (E3, swimming above shipwreck).
Humphead Wrasse - Gatama Atoll (E8)
Manta Ray - Gatama Atoll (C3).
Mediterranean Monk Seal - Check your Encyclopedia if you did not take the picture during the rescue mission in Cicero Straits. They are not in the original locations any more.
Moon Jellyfish - Cicero Straits (E3, north of shipwreck).
Orange Sea Slug - Found where Nancy says it is, on the sand floor (difficult to see), and not in the coral.
Tortipsis Nautica (jellyfish) - Valk Castle, Mermaid Ball Room (small shiny spot)
Wulruss - Arctic, when you surface through the hole at grid mark A1. The one you are looking for is on the far right.

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