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Equilibrio Cheats "Awards" (Nintendo Wii)


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Unlock the following awards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Absolute Glory - Get your name in the Top 5 Scores of all levels.
Ace Slider - Get two Perfect Landings with a score of 12,000.
Acrobat - Stay in the air for 40 seconds.
Amazing Progress - Beat 20 levels in Conquest mode.
Big Player - Play 150 games.
Big Score Beginner - Get 8,000 points in any mode.
Bronze Score - Get 15,000 points on difficulty 1 or 2.
Challenge Champion - Beat a level on the third difficulty level without dying.
Challenge Lord - Beat a level on the fifth difficulty level.
Challenge Master - Beat a level on the third or fourth difficulty level.
Difficulty Ace - Achieve the maximum difficulty.
Gold Score - Get 20,000 points on the fifth difficulty level.
Good for the Circus - Bounce 200 times on the trampoline.
Houston, we do not have a problem - Make a Perfect Landing.
It's not just a Board - Beat a level with a Wii Balance Board.
King of the Wii Balance Board - Beat Conquest mode with the Wii Balance Board.
Level Master - Beat Conquest mode.
Life is Sweet - Beat a level on the fifth difficulty level without dying.
Mega Player - Play 300 games.
Ouch, Ouch, OUCH! - Die 100 times on the Spikes.
Phenomenal Progress - Beat 40 levels in Conquest mode.
Silver Score - Get more than 17,000 points on the third of fourth difficulty level.
Tough Luck - Die just before the exit.
Walk the Plank - Die in Acid 15 times.
World Champion - Get to the exit without touching the ground.

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