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Guitar Hero: Van Halen Cheats "Randy Rhoads (Quiet Riot I) created character" (Nintendo Wii)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360


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Randy Rhoads (Quiet Riot I) created character

Use the following settings to create Randy Rhoads"

Physique - Normal (all the way to the left)
Height - Just below average
Hair - Six Gun (second lightest orange/gold, color bar next to pale browns)
Torso - Corduroy Coat (Color 1 - Red, Color 2 - Light gray)
Pants - Brilliant Whites (Color - Darkest gray before black)
Shoes - Fancy Shmancy (Color Dark gray or black)
Accessories - Left Arm- Hoops
Instrument - Guitar
Body - Master Blaster (Color - Cream)
Neck - Ebony
Inlays - Block2
Headstock - Session (Color - Black)
Pick guard - Style 2 (Color - Black)
Pickups - Gold Humdingers 2 (outline black)
Knobs - Bellenders (match color with Gold Humdingers)
Whammy - No Whammy (match with same gold as knobs and pickups).
Guitar Name - RR Les Paul Custom (cream)

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