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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats "Easy money hints" (Nintendo Wii)


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Easy money hints

  • Go to the Moonlight Cave with only a hammer in your rucksack. Find a hole in the ground and a message will appear asking if you’d like to go in. Select “Yes” to enter sublevel 2. You’ll see black stones and bluish crystals that may reveal gold, as well as other rare ore and stones. Fill your rucksack, put all your finds in a Shipping Box, and repeat.

  • Every day be sure to go up the mountain to look for green medicine plants. These are worth 100G while the purple ones are only about 35G.

  • First make sure you have a Pot and an Aging Pot. Go to the Blue Sky Ranch and buy an egg for 120G. Now go home and use the Pot together with the egg to make a Boiled Egg. Use the Boiled Egg with the Aging pot to create a Deviled Egg. Deviled Eggs can be sold for 250G, which in the end is a 130G profit. Repeat until you make more profit.

  • You can sell the stakes around the Seed Shop for 30G each.

  • First find Amethyst Ores and Gold in the cave near Jamie’s Ranch. Go to the place where the old man changes ores into accessories and talk to him. Choose “Accessories” to see two pictures of a ring and a brooch. Select the “Ring” and wait two days for him to make it. Once you receive the ring, put it in your shipping big to get 1,000G. You will get more money from accessories made out of more expensive jewels.

  • Go to the sign that reads “Harvest Goddess Spring” during Fall. Look nearby to find a blue flower called a Blue Mist Flower, which earns you 500G

  • Grow or buy green peppers and cook them in a frying pan. You can then sell them for about 300G.

  • Purchase three horses and train them at 2 stars, 5 stars, and 10 stars. Now use them all in a horse race and sell them afterwards.

  • Pick up coral and the beach and take them to the blacksmith. Order a brooch and in two days sell it to make about 600G profit.

  • Having four chickens will allow you to make four deviled eggs a day, which each sell for about 1,000G.

  • Go to the Lake Cave during Winter. Grab as many diamonds as you can and go home. Sell them, restore your stamina, and go back to get more diamonds. With a large rucksack you can make about 10,000G a day.

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