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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats "Lake Cave special areas" (Nintendo Wii)


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Lake Cave special areas

Go to the listed levels to find the corresponding special areas:
Level 5 Moonstones in every crystal.
Level 10 There is no obvious way down from this floor. If you hit level 10 and want to continue you must either climb back up to level 1 and try again, or find the stairway.
Level 15 All crystals here contain amethysts.
Level 20 The popular stone in the aquamarine.
Level 25 Topaz fills the crystal on this level.
Level 30 You find sapphires everywhere.
Level 35 Emeralds are scattered throughout this level.
Level 40 Rubies.
Level 45 Limestone.
Level 50 Rare and expensive diamonds.

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