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Harvest Moon: Magical Melody Cheats "Unlockable Notes" (Nintendo Wii)


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Unlockable Notes

Unlock the following Notes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Note: To get all 100 Notes you must be a girl since only a girl can obtain the Birth Of Life Note.
10,000 Step Note Get 10,000 steps on your pedometer.
Animal Kingdom Note Have 8 barn animals and 5 chickens.
Apron Girl Note When Ellen gives you a present.
Art Note Get a picture and aging pot.
Baa Note Win the Sheep Contest.
Baby is Born Note Have a baby or have a baby with your wife.
Big Eater Note Eat 50 meals.
Birth of Life Note Have one of your barn animals give birth.
Blue Sea, White Clouds Note Win the Beach Festival Swimming Competition.
Bluebird Note Get the a blue feather.
Boat Sailing Note Attend the Star Festival.
Book Note Read all the books in the library (change in Fall).
Bow-Wow Note Have three hearts on your dog.
Brushing Note Groom your livestock 20 times.
Calling Animals Note Ring the bell 20 times.
Cloud Note Work 10 hours on a cloudy day.
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo Note Win the Chicken Festival.
Cooking Note After cooking your first meal.
Cool Craftsman Note When Kurt gives you a present.
Cowboy Note When Blue gives you a present.
Cultivation Note Till 1 squares of land.
Destruction Note Crush 20 stones, rocks, stakes etc.
Diary Note Save in the diary 30 times.
Doctor Note When Alex gives you a present.
Dyeing Note Ship a colored yarn ball.
Egg Dish Note Attend the Egg Festival.
Egg Note Ship 10 eggs.
Expert Angler Note Catch every type of fish.
Explosive Girl Note When Ann gives you a present.
Fire Prevention Note Put out a bonfire.
Firefly Flower Note Attend the Firefly Festival.
Fireworks Note Attend the Fireworks Festival.
First Shipping Note Ship your first item.
First Step Note When you get the pedometer.
Fisherman Note When Ray gives you a present.
Flame Note Attend the Fire Festival.
Flower Girl Note When Nina gives you a present.
Fodder Note Cut the grass 20 times.
Forest Note Plant any tree.
Full Bloom Flowers Note Ship every type of flower and herb.
Garbage Can Note Throw away garbage 20 times.
Gardening Note Have five flowers blooming at once.
Gem Note Ship one gem of any kind.
Girl with Glasses Girl Note When Gina gives you a present.
Harvest Note Attend the Harvest Festival.
Heartfelt Note When Lyla gives you a present.
High Spirit Note Drink 10 sodas.
Horse Note Win the Horse Race.
Hustle-and-Bustle Note Meet 35 villagers.
Island Note First time you visit the island.
Limitation Note Have zero stamina and faint.
Lonley Wolf Note Do not talk to anyone all day.
Lost Child Note Find Meryl and Tim in an event.
Lucky Note Find more than 1,000G in coins (in ground).
Male Note When Bob gives you a present.
Master Angler Note Catch 1 or more fish (any kind).
Master Pick-Up Artist Note When Dan gives you a present.
Meek Heart Note After you collect 99 Happiness Notes.
Milking Note Ship 10 jugs of milk.
Mole-Whacking Note Whack 10 moles.
Moo Note Win the Cow Contest.
Moon Viewing Note Attend the Moonlight Festival.
New Year's Sunrise Note See the first sunrise of the year.
Night Moon Girl Note When Eve gives you a present.
Night Owl Note Stay up until dawn (6 a.m.).
Oink-Oink Note Ship a truffle.
Owner of Monther Earth Note Own 10 or more divisions of land.
Patissier Note When Carl gives you a present.
Ponytail Note When Gwen gives you a present.
Poor Note Have 1G or less in the morning.
Popular Note Get 5 or more cakes on the Thanksgiving Festival.
Princess Note When Dia gives you a present.
Pumpkin Note Attend the Pumpkin Festival.
Rain Note Work 10 hours non-stop in the rain.
Rock Climber Note First time scaling Mt - Moon.
Rubber Boots Note Catch 10 pieces of garbage.
Second House Note Construct a second house.
Shearing Note Ship 10 pieces of wool.
Shy Guy Note When Louis gives you a present.
Snow Note Work 10 hours non-stop in the snow.
Social Craftsman Note When Joe gives you a present.
Spring Footsteps Note Attend the New Years Festival.
Spring Fragrance Note Attend the Flower Festival.
Starlight Note Attend the Starry Night Festival.
Stationary Note Do not use the controller for awhile.
Stork Note Be pregnant or get your wife.
Sun Note Work 10 hours non-stop in the sun.
Super Chef Note Unlock 1 or more recipes (purchase utensils).
Talented Girl Note When Maria gives you a present.
Traveler Note When Basil gives you a present.
Treasure Hoard Note Ship every type of ore (including Limestone)
Underground Lake Note At the first underground level in Lake Mine.
Very Rich Note Have more than 100,000G.
Waitress Note When Katie gives you a present.
Wedding Day Note Get married.
Weed Note Pull 1 weeds.
Whistle Note Whistle 50 times.
Wild Note When a wild animal with 4 hearts visits your house (not Dolphin).
Woodcutter Note Cut down 20 trees or stumps.
You Can Walk Note For your baby's first steps.

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