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Harvest Moon: Tree Of Tranquility Cheats "Easy money hints" (Nintendo Wii)


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Easy money hints

-Go to the inn and wait until 9:00 A.M. Immediately enter the inn and work part time. After work, leave and wait at the door until 6:00 P.M. Immediately enter the inn, and talk to the man at the counter on the right. Ask him to work part time.

-This trick requires some gold. However, once you are set, you can almost double what you spent to do it. First, you will need a Yarn Maker, not for the maker itself but for the dying pot that is included. When the Flower Festival begins at the first of Spring, there will be an NPC selling herbs. Purchase as many Blue Herbs as possible. Store them and wait until the end of spring for the Animal Festival. At the Animal Festival, there will be an NPC selling Silk Yarn. Buy as much Silk Yarn as you did Blue Herbs. Dye the yarn with the Blue Herbs you bought earlier to get more money that what was spent to create the item.

-Collect toadstools and mushrooms in the mines. Collect them on the way down to level 19, which has a ton of them, and sell them. You can make 1000G easily each day.

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