Ivy The Kiwi? Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 5

Play as a dog

Collect every red feather in the Normal and Bonus mode games. Note: There are 50 red feathers in the Normal mode levels and 50 more in the Bonus mode levels. Choose the dog icon at the top right of the main menu. While playing as a dog, the feathers will be replaced by dog bone treats.

Rating 2

View cinematics

Complete the game. Select the picture book icon at the top left of the main menu to watch the game's cinematics.

Rating 1

Bonus mode

Complete the game. Bonus mode contains 50 more levels that require a key to be collected to reach the end.

Rating 1

Level 1: Extra life

Launch through the single brick in the room with all the red feathers. Collect the gold coin to gain an extra life.

Rating 1

Alternate title screen

Complete the game. The cover of the book at the title screen will change.