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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats "200 Rupee Stash" (Nintendo Wii)


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200 Rupee Stash

In Kakariko, there's a 200 rupee stash on top of the Sanctuary (in the bell). Take a cucco (chicken) and head up the dirt ramp at the south end of the town. Glide and climb your side of the town until you arrive at the hot spring. Glide across the street to the bomb shop's roof and climb the ramps to the base of the watchtower (a Goron will be on watch at the bottom, the kid on the top). From the Goron spotter's area, glide to the scaffolding embedded in the cliffside near the Sanctuary. Glide to the wrecked roof of the Sanctuary and use a bomb-arrow to down the glint inside the church bell.

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