Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Bomb Bags

Obtain the following Bomb Bags by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bomb Bag 1 Buy some bombs at Barnes Bomb Shop in Kakariko. Barnes will sell you this Bomb Bag.
Bomb Bag 2 When you thaw out Zora's Domain, go underwater and set a Water Bomb at the large rock in the center of the cave. A Goron inside will give you this Bomb Bag.
Bomb Bag 3 Talk to the woman outside of the Boat-Rental Shack and she will ask you to blow up rocks inside of the cave under her Unabomber-style shack. She will give you this Bomb Bag when you make it outside the other end of the shack-cave tunnel.
Giant Bomb Bag After completing the task for the woman at the Boat-Rental Shack, go back and talk to her to play a game. Earn at least 25 points at the end of the mini-game and if you succeed, she will give you the Giant Bomb Bag.