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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats "Early Big Key in Temple of Time" (Nintendo Wii)


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Early Big Key in Temple of Time

Use the following trick inside the Temple of Time to get the Big Key early. When you first enter the room with a giant scale and spiders, get both statues on one end of the scale to cross to the other side. Before you go in the door, turn left to see a gap in the railing. Clawshot to the anchor you see through the gap and drop to the platform. Grab the small statue that's there and jump off the platform. Climb back up the stairs to where the scale is. Throw the small statue on the side of the scale where the other two statues are to raise the platform you are on. Look up and Clawshot to the anchor you see on the ceiling. Cross the walkway and use the Spinner to ride along the railing to reach another platform. Here you'll find a Poe, small chest, and a door. Enter the door to enter a small room with an attacking statue and two lizard-pig creatures with helmets. Defeat all three enemies and move the lizard-pig creature's helmets close to the wall with a gated alcove. Clawshot up to the ceiling and lower yourself down. Using the Clawshot, get the two helmets onto the platform you're standing on. Place the two helmets, along with the two statues you find, onto the switches to pen the gate below you. Jump down and open the chest to receive the Big Key, all before you even bring the matching statue back down to the first room.

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