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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats "Ganondorf Strategies" (Nintendo Wii)


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Ganondorf Strategies

  • The battle begins with Ganon taking over the Princess and knocking Midna unconcious. Reflect Zelda’s energy balls back at her three times so Midna pulls Ganondorf out of her. Ganon will then turn into a massive beast with a jewel on his head. Use your arrows to shoot the jewel and then attack his belly. He will then disappear and red portals will appear. Whenever they turn blue it means that he’s about to charge you from it. Continue shooting at him until he disappears. Midna will then tell you to turn the beast. Now, when Ganon charges at you, target him and hold A to wrestle him like the animals at the beginning of the game. Midna will then grab him and you must choose a side to throw him to before attacking his belly. Ganon will seem to be dead but appear once more. Midna will then try to use the fused shadows to kill his spirit while teleporting Zelda and Link away. Hyrule Castle explodes but Ganon survives. You will then fight Ganon on horseback and Zelda will be given Light Arrows from the Spirits. Ride close to Ganon so Zelda can shoot him, then attack him with your sword. After a few hits you will then have to duel him in a sword fight. The best way to defeat him is by using t he rolling attack from behind and swinging your sword afterwards since he teleports a lot. Repeat this method to defeat Ganon.

  • When battling against Ganondorf, take out the fishing rod. He will drop his guard and watch the bobber, giving you a chance to take out your sword and hit him. Repeat this until he’s dead.

  • During the final battle with Ganondorf, auto-aim to lock on to him and move close enough so that he tries to kick you. Move around him normally and slash at him until he blocks. Repeat the process of moving around him and attacking him until he’s no more.

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