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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats "Hidden Skills" (Nintendo Wii)


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Hidden Skills

Below is a list of each Hidden Skill followed by a description:
Back Slice This move rather difficult to do. Lock on and jump around your enemy until you roll, then you swing your sword.
Ending Blow When an enemy is on the ground, stab them.
Great Spin Upgrade your spin attack to have a longer range and to do more damage. However you must have full health to use it.
Helm Splitter After successfully using a shield attack you can jump above an enemy's head and attack in midair, landing behind them.
Jump Strike Lock on with Z and hold A to unleash a powerful version of the jump attack. It hits multiple foes.
Mortal Draw As an enemy approaches you, press A. This will almost always kill the enemy.
Shield Attack This attack lowers an enemies guard and lets you attack freely. It is useful against armored foes.

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