Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Howling Stone locations

Use the following info to find all the Howling Stone locations:

  • Howling Stone #1
Location: n/a Golden Wolf Location: Entrance to Forest Temple Song: n/a Skill: Finishing Blow
  • Howling Stone #2
Location: Death Mountain Geyser Area Golden Wolf Location: Ordon Spring Song: Song of Healing -- Majora's Mask Skill: Shield Bash
  • Howling Stone #3
Location: Upper Zora River Golden Wolf Location: Eastern Entrance to Hyrule Song: Oath To Order -- Majora's Mask Skill: Back Slice Additional Information: The Stone is at a small cliff overlooking the river , accessible only after the water has returned to the lake.
  • Howling Stone #4
Location: Lake Hylia Golden Wolf Location: Gerudo Desert Song: Nocturne Of Shadow -- Ocarina Of Time Additional Information: This stone is located near the tower where you first meet Auru. It is in the southernmost part of Lake Hylia nearest to the Gerudo Desert. You must be able to transform in your wolf form whenever you want since it requires both forms to access.
  • Howling Stone #5
Location: Sacred Grove Entrance Gold Wolf Location: Southern entrance to Hyrule Song: Prelude of Light -- Ocarina of Time
  • Howling Stone #6
Location: Snowpeak Trail Golden Wolf Location: Kakariko Village Graveyard
  • Howling Stone #7
Location: Hidden Village Golden Wolf Location: Entrance to Hyrule Castle