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Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess, The Cheats "Swim under Kakariko graveyard" (Nintendo Wii)


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Swim under Kakariko graveyard

First make sure you’ve unlocked the Jump Strike Hidden Skill. Go to Kakariko graveyard and go to the right as soon as you enter. Go to the rock jutting out of the wall and look for the wall with a layer that looks like it can be climbed and another layer of plain wall behind it. Charge your Jump Strike while facing the wall and release the attack. If done correctly, you should go up on the otherwise unreachable ledge. Once on the ledge,  run down the path and carefully jump over the gap to the other side. Keep going down the path and shoot crows if necessary. Go up the mountain until you eventually see the grave of King Zora. Head up the path and beside the waterfall. You can now jump behind the waterfall and swim under the graveyard. This trick also lets you dive down under the grave and travel to Lake Hylia. However, be careful since you can randomly die by falling through the water.

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