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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Cheats "Easy studs hint" (Nintendo Wii)

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Easy studs hint

-To easily gain Studs in Chapter IV, Episode 1, build the first two control panels and pull the lever on the left side of the room. Continue to pull the lever to collect Studs.

-To easily gain Studs outside the Cantina, destroy the two fan covers. Also, in Episode IV: Return of the Jedi, use the force on the blue chairs located in the middle of the room.

-To easily gain over 50,000 studs, go to the Podrace and use one of the speeders from the beginning of Episode II. These are great for hitting the pink crystals because they have better mobility. Use Subulba's Podracer when hitting the little poles. It is easier to hit them with a wide Podracer.

-Go to Chapter I of Episode II and use a Clone Arcfighter to shoot everything. You should get at least 100,000 studs every time the level is completed.

-Go to Chapter 5 of Episode IV and get to the part where you have to build the large door. Break it and make sure you have the “Stud Magnet” and “Character Studs” extras enabled. Keep killing Stormtroopers until you acquire the desired amount of studs. Be sure to also enable “Invincibility” so you don’t die and lose studs

-Go to Mos Eisley Spaceport and get in the Landspeeder. Head through the door and use Ben Kenobi to jump over the nearby building. Build the bomb next tot the wall of LEGO pieces and hit it three times to make it explode, or use a Thermal Detonator. Now park the Landspeeder on the grey object and then pull the handles. Get a car wash and give the Landspeeder to Jawa behind the wall to receive studs.

-Go to the Mos Espa Pod Race and select “Challenge”. The challenge is pretty easy and will earn you over 200,000 if you win. Note: You need an enemy ship to use on the gate.

-First make sure you have “Character Studs” and “Stud Multipliers” enabled. The more stud multipliers, the more studs you’ll get. Go to Chapter 3 of Episode IV and before you enter the cantina, kill all the Jawas you see. Go through where they come from and you’ll eventually find a door that the Jawas spawn at. Using a Jedi, constantly swing your lightsaber to kill them and receive studs. You can easily make eighteen million studs if you do this for thirty minutes, as long as you have your stud multipliers on (x4, x6, x8, x10)

-Buy the “Stud Magnet” and “Poo Money” cheats and go to Chapter 2 of Episode V. Near the end of the ship you have to push two bricks into slots. Get on one of the animals and head to the top left corner. Face away from the corner and repeatedly press Z to make random amount of silver, gold, and blue studs keep coming out as long as you hit the wall. Collect 2,500,000 studs and finish the mission. Buy the extra “Score x4” and enable it. Repeat the process in Episode V to get up to 5,000,000 studs. Now buy “Score x6” and repeat the process until you get 10 million studs and can buy “Score x8”. Repeat and buy “Score x10”. Now do the Mos Eisley Pod Race mission a few times and you’ll make close to a billion studs.

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