Madden NFL 09 All-Play Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Brett Farve

Brett Farve is not available for play on Exhibition, Dynasty, or any of the Party modes. However, if you create a superstar and get drafted by the Jets, Brett Farve is their starting quarterback. Note: The Jets passing game is dramatically improved.

Rating 2

Recommended defense

Turn offsides off, then take you RE and put him on the other side and have him run. You will may always get the person with the ball if you use Big Hit.

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General hints

1. Use a quick audible when the defense looks prepared for your play.
2. Hurrying through the drills in the madden test will cause your madden IQ to suffer.
3. Playing superstar as a tight end allows you to play as a lineman and a wide receiver.
4. Trigger touchdown celebrations by entering into endzone hotspots after scoring.
5. Use the 'FG block return' play whenever a long FG is attempted.
6. Use the stiff arm special move to break more tackles.
7. Use ea rewind to re-attempt a play.
8. Use the 'bluff play' selection to hide plays from your friends.
9. Create new offensive and defensive plays in 'NFL head coach 09' and import them into madden.
10. Press a button or move the highlight stick while getting tackled to attempt to break out of it.
11. When you finish a game, advance to the virtual trainer to improve your weaknesses.
12. You can play madden 93 with the 20th anniversary collector’s edition.

Rating 1

Blocking punts

When the opposing team is going to punt, select punt return middle, right, or left. Once they are set, audible to punt block. The opposing team will not audible to protect the punter and your corners will have a free shot at tackling the punter or at least blocking the kick.

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Easy wins: on 5 on 5 mode

During 5 on 5 mode, do cover deep while using your linebacker and blitz with Mississippi count off. You will win most of the time with any team.