Madden NFL 10 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3

Savant Difficulty

To unlock Savant difficulty, go to the difficulty selection screen on Single-Player Arcade mode and press DOWN 10 times.

Rating 3

Frozen football hint

After a touchdown, kick your extra point as high as possible with a decent amount of power. When it gets higher than the field goal and the screen reads "Kick Is Good", your football will become frozen and start front flipping directly above the field goal.

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

-Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "EA Extras" > "Enter Game Code":

All bonuses - "THEWORKS"
Franchise mode - "TEAMPLAYER"
Situation mode - "YOUCALLIT"
Superstar mode - "EGOBOOST"
Pro Bowl stadium - "ALLSTARS"
Super Bowl stadium - "THEBIGSHOW"

High Gravity - At the Main menu, press DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT
Low Gravity - At the Main Menu, press UP, UP, LEFT, LEFT, UP, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT
Player Skulls (Arcade mode) - At the Difficulty menu, press UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT

Rating 2

Cheaper good players hint

Select the EA Sports logo at the menu. Note: It turns into something that looks like your "A" button when the pointer moves over it. Choose "NFL Rosters", then "Trade Player". You can make your team the best possible. If you run out of cap room, press B and choose "NFL Rosters" again then "View Rosters". Select your highest paid player and make him a bad player (rating 49 or less). Release them and re-sign them, then make him a good player again and they will be paid less than $1 million.