MadWorld Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 2

Stick in signpost in Bull Crocker and the Driller

Use the chainsaw and hit both at least twice. After their next attack, or even after they recover, they will start resting and breathing heavily. You can stick a sign in them at that point.

Rating 2

Commentator comments

The comments the announcers say varies depending on what you do in the game. Interact and do as much as you can and see what they say.

Rating 2

Asian Town coins

The coins can be found in the following locations:

Coin 1 - Located in the Dragons mouth. To get it, go to where the money shot is found and walk on the dragon until you make it to the head. Press A.
Coin 2 - In the room where the meat grinder is located, go to the elevator. Kill all the guards on it. Defeat Yuu Fung to get the next coin.
Coin 3 - Stay on the roof and look for the grapple point somewhere on the corners. Slide up the grapple and kill all the enemies at the bar. The bar produces a constant supply of meat buns so you can distract the enemies while you fight. Kill all enemies and grab the coin before it gets to the other side.

Rating 1

Gears of War easter eggs

-One of Jack's B finishers is identical to how the COGs and Locust finish off their enemies with their chainsaws. This finisher is the one where no movement is required to complete it.

-Some enemies in Downtown Varrigan look similar to that of the Locust.

Rating 1

Frame Invulnerability hint

Whenever Jack is holding an enemy, he is rendered invulnerable when he is throwing them or otherwise engaged in an execution/murder animation (the rose bush murder is handy and readily available). Take advantage of this to make Jack invincible for the no-hit DeathWatch Challenges (DWCs) when he is surrounded by enemies (esp. in Area 66's warehouse).

Rating 1

Death Blade strategy

To defeat Death Blade during the first challenge, run around him until he swings and misses. His face will light up when this happens. Attack with the chainsaw while he is recovering.

Rating 1

Get to upper level in the Mad Castle

To get to the upper level in the Mad Castle, jump on the boxes stacked up near the saw room. When you get to the top, dash down the hallway or you will die.

Rating 1

Completion bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the Double Chainsaw, Katana, and Hard difficulty.

Rating 1

Ultra Violence

You can only get Ultra Violence with the zombie. To get Ultra Violence, grab the zombie and use the human garbage can. Do not finish it. Allow it to regenerate and repeat the process until you get Ultra Violence.