Mario Kart Wii Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 6


The following are some excellent Mario Kart shortcuts. Note: Reverse directions if playing on mirror tracks:

Maple Treeway
Between the starting line and the first corner, veer to the right. You will see a dirt path in a gap in the fence. Drive through here to find boost pads and some boxes. This shortcut drops you out right at the warp jump point.

Mushroom Gorge
This shortcut definitely requires at least one mushroom boost. From the starting line, lean left until you see a red mushroom in the distance. Aim for it and, just as you are about to go off the track, hit the boost. You should land in the middle of a red mushroom hidden below the track which will bounce you on to the next one and then bounce you back onto the boardwalk.

Wario's Goldmine
During the section where you have to evade minecarts, stick to the left. Follow the last minecart. You will notice that it is lifted off the track-- aim to drive under it and you will land on a passage way with boost pads and boxes. this will let you out near the finish line.

Daisy Circuit
Between the first two corners and the roundabouts you will see a flight of stairs. Best to boost up these, but driving normally works fine. This will lead to a box and a boost pad with a jump. You should land at the second roundabout.

Rating 6

Unlock 100cc karts and bikes

Win trophies in every 100cc Grand Prix Cup in the game.

Rating 4

Control air distance

Use the following tip to get more or less distance in the air after any big cannon or ramp, such as on DK or Maple Treeway. Use the Wiimote to do a wheelie for distance or lean the Wiimote forward to fall down sooner. For other controllers, press Down on the ANALOG STICK for distance while press forward for less air.

Rating 4

Koopa Cape shortcut

After the ramp leading into the fast moving stream, enter the little arch with the ramp on the left by using a super mushroom, invincibility star, or golden mushroom. Pass through the grass behind the giant red hat.

Rating 3

Blue Shell hint

When a Blue Shell is coming at you while in first place, hit the breaks so that racers behind you also get caught by the blast. This will allow you to not fall behind as much.

Rating 3

Mirror mode

To unlock Mirror mode, win all 150cc Cups or win 4,800 races

Rating 3

DK Summit shortcut

After shooting out of the cannon, go off the jump toppers on the left which will send you flying through the curve.

Rating 3

Koopa Cape super mushroom

After the first jump, fire a shell at one of the Goombas to occasionally get a super mushroom.

Rating 3

Team drafting boost hint

When playing with two or more players, draft by following a friend right behind them. Once you boost ahead, go around your friend and get in front of them. Now have them draft and get in front of you. Keep repeating this and you’ll both finish the race quicker.

Rating 3

Unlockable Cups

Unlock the following cups by performing the corresponding tasks:

Star Cup - Complete the Flower and Mushroom Cup with a trophy.
Special Cup - Complete the Star Cup with a trophy.
Leaf Cup -  Complete the Banana and Shell Cup with a trophy.
Lightning Cup - Complete the Leaf Cup with a trophy.

Rating 3

Unlockable Bikes

Unlock the following bikes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Daytripper - Win 2,700 races.
Dolphin Dasher (medium) - Win the Mirror Star Cup or win 3,750 races.
Jet Bubble (small) - Win the Mirror Leaf Cup or win 3,900 races.
Kamek (small) - Defeat all the Nintendo ghosts in the Star Cup.
Magikruiser (small) - Play on eight different courses in Time Trials mode or win 900 races.
Phantom (large) - Win the Mirror Special Cup or win 4,050 races.
Quacker (small) - Win the 150cc Star Cup or win 2,400 races.
Shooting Star (Twinkle Star, large) - Win the 100cc Star Cup or win 1,500 races.
Sneakster (Nitrocycle, medium) - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 100cc Wii Grand Prix Cups or win 3,300 races.
Spear (Torpedo, large) - Unlock 12 Expert Staff Ghost in Time Trials mode or win 3,600 races.
Zip Zip (Rapide, medium) - Win the 100cc Lightning Cup or win 2,100 races.

Rating 3

Dodging shells

Dodge the following shells by performing the corresponding maneuvers:

Blue shells - Use any type of mushroom when the blue shell begins to rise over you.
Green shells - If the shell is coming straight at you then equip a banana behind you. If it is coming from an angle then use the three shell weapon. Red or blue shells will also protect you.
Red shells - Equip a banana behind you to block a red shell from hitting you.

Rating 3

Cloud hint

When you have a cloud over your head, ram into another player to give them the cloud. Note: This also works on CPU players.

Rating 2

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Baby Daisy - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 50cc cups or win 1,950 races.
Baby Luigi - Unlock eight Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials mode or win 3,150 races.
Birdo - Play 16 different courses in Time Trials mode or get 250 Wi-Fi wins or win 1,350 races.
Bowser Jr. - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 100cc Retro Cups or win 3,450 races.
Daisy - Win the 150cc Special Cup or win 2,850 races.
Diddy Kong - Successfully complete all 50cc Retro Cups or win 450 races.
Dry Bones - Win the 100cc Leaf Cup or win 1,050 races.
Dry Bowser - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 150cc Wii Cups or win 4,350 races.
Funky Kong - Unlock four Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials mode or win 2,250 races.
King Boo - Win the 50cc Star Cup or win 750 races.
Mii (Outfit A) - Win the 100cc Special Cup or win 1,650 races.
Mii (Outfit B) - Unlock all 32 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials mode or win 5,100 races.
Rosalina - Get a "One Star" rank or better in the Wii Cup Series or have a saved game file from Super Mario Galaxy and win 50 Grand Prix races; or win 4,950 races.
Toadette - Play on all 32 courses in Time Trials mode or get 1,000 Wi-Fi wins or win 2,550 races.

Rating 2

Use same character with two players

To use the same character with two players, have player 1 select the desired character, then deselect it and move off it. Have player 2 select the character. Go back one screen, then re-enter the character selection screen. Both players will be on that character. Have both players select the character. This also works with three and four characters.

Rating 2

Easy hit

To easily hit another racer, after landing from a DK Cannon, drop a banana or fake item box.

Rating 2

Easier controls

If you’re having issues with turning or doing tricks and wheelies with the Wii While use the Nunchuk and Wiimote instead.

Rating 2

Avoid Blue Shells with cannons

On any track that has a DK cannon, blue shells will chase you and fall behind while you’re flying. You’ll hear an explosion but won’t be harmed.

Rating 2

Use Triple Shells as ramming weapon

After getting a Triple Shell from an item box, press 2 so that all three shells spin around you. Instead of launching them, ram into other cars. They will inflict the same damage as if you had launched them at a target.

Rating 2

Star Rank requirements

The requirements below will help you get a one, two, or three star rank.
-Get a final score of 53 or above.
-Lead most of the laps.
-Stay in first place for a good period of time.
-Do a lot of tricks on ramps.
-Avoid having to use Bullet Bills to catch up.
-Use lots of techniques such as wheelies, avoiding POW blocks, etc.
-Do not fall off edges too much (one or two times is acceptable). If you get hit by many -Spiny Shells and still win, this indicates that you are resistant and will probably have a high rank.

Rating 2

Alternate title screen & ending sequence

To unlock an alternate title screen and ending sequence, achieve a one star rank or better in all Cups(including Mirror mode).

Rating 2

DS Delfino Square super mushroom

Hit the crates on the side of the road with your kart or a shell to make a super mushroom occasionally pop out.

Rating 2

Winning points online

Your rank goes up as long as points are added to your total score. Fore example, if you less than 3rd or fourth place in an online race, it can still be considered a win. Same goes for Battle Online. Your team can lose, but if you scored enough coins or hits then it adds points to your score and can be a win.

Rating 1

Major shortcut on Grumble Volcano

Immediately upon starting Grumble Volcano, don't speed boost. Instead, reverse until you fall. Don't take the ramp you get put at just yet! Look left, you'll see a big rock. Jump near the rock and keep going in circles counter clockwise (Left). Keep repeating it until you get to the third lap, then go around the rock and go to the finish line at the end.

Rating 1

Starting Boost

To get a boost at the start of a race, wait until "2" begins to disappear during the countdown, then hold "A". Then, right when the race starts hold 1 + A. When it says "Go" release 1 and A, and press A as you would normally to accelerate.

Rating 1

Collision recovery

To quickly recover from a collision with an obstacle, press 2 upon landing to get a speed boost.

Rating 1

Expert Staff ghost times

You can unlock Expert staff ghosts by beating the normal staff ghost by a certain margin of time. Below are the approximate times for unlocking the Expert staff ghost on each course:

-Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:29.670
Unlock Time: 01:25.742

Moo Moo Meadows
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:37.856
Unlock Time: 01.33.571

Mushroom Gorge
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.110
Unlock Time: 02.07.755

Toad's Factory
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:22.480
Unlock Time: 02.15.681

-Flower Cup
Mario Circuit
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:44.777
Unlock Time: 01.39.183

Coconut Mall
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.764
Unlock Time: 02.24.788

DK's Snowboard Cross
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.693
Unlock Time: 02.24.725

Wario's Gold Mine
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:19.583
Unlock Time: 02.14.932

-Star Cup
Daisy Circuit
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 0:56.822
Unlock Time: 01.48.791

Koopa Cape
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:03.022
Unlock Time: 02.54.897

Maple Treeway
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.633
Unlock Time: 02.50.229

Grumble Volcano
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:28.237
Unlock Time: 02.19.524

-Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:30.949
Unlock Time: 02.21.681

Moonview Highway
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:16.802
Unlock Time: 02.07.016

Bowser's Castle
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:04.836
Unlock Time: 02.55.017

Rainbow Road
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:05.895
Unlock Time: 02.59.293

-Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:34.233
Unlock Time: 01.30.698

DS Yoshi Falls
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:16.461
Unlock Time: 01.12.901

SNES Ghost Valley 2
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:06.595
Unlock Time: 01.03.752

N64 Mario Raceway
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:14.799
Unlock Time: 02.07.915

-Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:48.651
Unlock Time: 02.37.784

GBA Shy Guy Beach
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:45.568
Unlock Time: 01.39.255

DS Delfino Square
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:41.807
Unlock Time: 02.33.107

GCN Waluigi Stadium
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:32.882
Unlock Time: 02.24.645

-Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:10.233
Unlock Time: 02.01.141

GBA Bowser Castle 3
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.304
Unlock Time: 02.50.637

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:58.264
Unlock Time: 02.49.028

GCN Mario Circuit
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:59.771
Unlock Time: 01.55.267

-Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 01:38.880
Unlock Time: 01.34.828

DS Peach Gardens
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:34.894
Unlock Time: 02.29.006

GCN DK Mountain
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 02:57.744
Unlock Time: 02.50.248

N64 Bowser's Castle
Normal Staff Ghost Time: 03:19.323
Unlock Time: 03.06.723

Rating 1

Set Blue Shell in Delfino course

On the final lap of the Delfino course in the Banana Cup, a Blue Shell will always hit you on the bridge. This also happens when you’re close to the finish line almost every time you play this course. Thus the Blue Shell is “set” to hit.

Rating 1

Change Mii driver's class

To change your Mii's driver class which you access to different vehicles, at the Mii channel, change your Mii's weight to the desire weight class.

Rating 1

Unlockable Karts

Unlock the following kart by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aero Glider (large) - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 150cc Retro Cups.
Blue Falcon (small) - Win the Mirror Lightning Cup or win 4,200 races.
Cheep Charger (small) - Get a "One Star" rank or better in all 50cc Retro Cups or win 1,800 races.
Honeycoupe (Dragonetti, large) - Win the 150cc Lightning Cup or win 3,000 races.
Jetsetter - Win 4,500 races.
Piranha Prowler (large) - Win the 50cc Special Cup or win 600 races.
Royal Racer (medium) - Win the 150cc Leaf Cup.
Sprinter (B Dasher Mk 2, medium) - Unlock 24 Expert Staff Ghosts in Time Trials mode or win 4,650 races.
Tiny Titan (small) - Unlock one Expert Staff Ghost in Time Trials mode or get 50 Wi-Fi wins or win 1,200 races.
Turbo Blooper (medium) - Get a "One Star" rank or better in the 50cc Leaf Cup or win 300 races.

Rating 1

Mushroom Gorge super mushrooms

Some of the Goombas contain super mushrooms while others contain nothing.

Rating 1

Victory photos hint

To unlock both victory photos available in the game, you must fulfill two requirements. To unlock the first photo (which is of your Mii with Mario and Peach), earn a trophy in every cup for each class available. To unlock the second photo (which is of your Mii with each racer in the game), win every single Grand Prix cup available in the game.

Rating 1

Expert Staff Ghosts

To unlock the Expert Staff Ghosts for a course, beat a normal Staff Ghost by seven seconds on that course.

Rating 1

Profile name Star icons

Add a star icon next to your name on the results screen and online races by completing all the Grand Prix races with a specific rank. Unlock the listed star icon by performing the corresponding task:

One star profile name - Earn a "One Star" rank in all Grand Prix races.
Two star profile name - Earn a "Two Star" rank in all Grand Prix races.
Three star profile name - Earn a "Three Star" rank in all Grand Prix races.

Rating 1

Ink hint

After getting inked by a Blooper, make the ink clear off your screen by using any kind of boost such as a mushroom, trick-landing boost, ect.

Rating 1

Hidden items in Maple Treeway

Drive through one of the many leaf piles to get a super mushroom or banana peel. When you reach the top of the tree with the caterpillars, an invincibility star can occasionally be found in one of the bushes on the left side.

Rating 0

Coconut mall hint

Use the Wild Wing medium kart and turn right into a store on the right side after the first escalator. Use a mushroom. You will see a Delfino tree person at the door.

Rating 0

Gold Wii Wheel icon

Play by using the Wii Wheel extensively in all modes to have a golden Wii Wheel appear next to your name when playing online.

Rating 0

Special credits

To view the credits and a congratulations screen with Mario and Peach, earn all trophies in a class. To unlock a congratulations screen with all of the racers, earn all Grand Prix Cups.

Rating 0

Tailing boost

While on a long straight road, get directly behind another racer. Continue to drive straight and you will see several blue streaks fly behind you and a blue force field in front. You will get a small boost.

Rating 0

Half pipe hint

When hitting half pipes (part of the track with white arrows and blue strips), hit them narrowly  to glide through them. Tricks may slow you down slightly but you will get a boost when you come down either way. don’t hit them at about an 80 degree angle or else you won’t go over the top. Instead you’ll bounce up and down. Note: This tip isn’t recommended on Rainbow Road.

Rating 0

Unlock 50cc karts and bikes

Win trophies in every 50cc Grand Prix Cup in the game.

Rating 0

Quick recovery from POW Block

1.Set drifting to manual. Before the third strike from a POW block, drift so that you will be in the air during it. Upon landing, spin only once and maintain the same speed.

2. When riding a bike, perform a wheelie when you hear the third POW to maintain your speed. You will still lose an item.

3. Shake the wii-mote which creates a force field to protect you.

Rating 0

European-American name conversions

The following are the American names followed by their European counterparts. Note: Unlockable Karts are denoted by *.

Lightweight Karts
Standard Kart S / Same
Booster Seat / Baby Booster
Mini Beast / Concerto
Cheep Charger / Same *
Tiny Titan / Rally Romper *
Blue Falcon / Same *

Lightweight Bikes
Standard Bike S / Same
Bullet Bike / Same
Bit Bike / Nanobike
Quacker / Same *
Magikruiser / Same *
Jet Bubble / Bubble Bike *

Middleweight Karts
Standard Kart M / Same
Classic Dragster / Nostalgia 1
Wild Wing / Same
Super Blooper / Turbo Blooper *
Daytripper / Royal Racer *
Sprinter / B Dasher MK 2 *

Middleweight Bikes
Standard Bike M / Same
Mach Bike / Same
Sugarscoot / Bon Bon
Zip Zip / Rapide *
Sneakster / Nitrocycle *
Dolphin Dasher / Same *

Heavyweight Karts
Standard Kart L / Same
Offroader / Same
Flame Flyer / Same
Piranha Prowler / Same *
Jetsetter / Aero Glider *
Honeycoupe / Dragonetti *

Heavyweight Bikes
Standard Bike L / Same
Flame Runner / Bowser Bike
Wario Bike / Same
Shooting Star / Twinkle Star *
Spear / Torpedo *
Phantom / Same *