Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 2

Unlockable Music Tracks

Unlock the following music tracks by performing the corresponding tasks:

Green Hill - Complete one minigame
Overworld - Complete one minigame
Sonic 2 Special Stage - Complete three minigames
Sonic 2 Underwater - Complete three minigames
Star Light - Complete  two minigames
Underground - Complete two minigames

Rating 2

Alternate ending

To view an alternate ending sequence, place 1st in the Big Bang Circuit.

Rating 1

Unlockable Emblems

Unlock the following Emblems by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aquatics Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all swimming events
Bouncing Emblem - Get a score of 10 on the trampoline
[Character] Emblem(s) - Complete all missions with any character
Complete Game Emblem - Unlock all events
Crown Emblem - Complete all events with any character
Dream Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all dream events
Field Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all field events
Full Play Emblem - Play all events
Gallery Owner Emblem - Complete all gallery events
Gymnastics Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all gym events
Hunter Emblem - Get 120 points in Archery
Knight Emblem - Go 15-0 in an individual event
Network Emblem - Connect to Wi-Fi Nintendo Rankings
Olympic Record Emblem - Break a record on any event
Penalty Emblem - False start on the 100m event
Ping Pong Emblem - Win table tennis with a score of 11-0
Rocket Emblem - Win the 100m event
Skeet Emblem - Get 40 points on Skeet Shooting
Track Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all track events
World Record Emblem - Break a world record on any event

Rating 1

Super Mario Sunshine easter egg

When in a 400 meter running race, notice the flags, balloons, and tarps with drawings. At the start before you start the 400 meter running race you should see a tarp with FLUDD on it, which was the cleaning device that Mario uses to clean with in Super Mario Sunshine.

Rating 1

Advanced Class

To unlock Advanced Class, place 1st in the Moonlight Circuit.

Rating 1

Character Emblems

To unlock a character's Emblem, beat all missions for that character in Mission mode. The emblem can be set as your icon.

Rating 0

Character Crowns

To unlock a character's Crown, earn all gold medals in all events with that character.

Rating 0

Unlockable Events

Unlock the following events by performing the corresponding tasks:

400m Hurdles - Win Sunlight Circuit
400m Race - Win Planet Circuit
4x100m Relay - Unlock the Moonlight Circuit
Advanced Class - Place first on the Moonlight Circuit
Archery - Unlock the Stardust Circuit
Big Bang Circuit - Place on podium on Universal Circuit
Cosmos Circuit - Win Supernova Circuit
Dream Fencing - Win Comet Circuit
Dream Platform - Unlock Galaxy Circuit
Dream Race Event - Unlock the Moonlight Circuit
Dream Table Tennis - Win Satellite Circuit
End Credits Sequence - Place in 1st on Big Bang Circuit
Galaxy Circuit - Win Cosmos Circuit
High Jump - Play as all characters at least once
Meteorite Circuit - Place first in Stardust Circuit, Planet Circuit, Comet Circuit, Satellite Circuit and Sunlight Circuit
Moonlight Circuit - Place first on Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn Circuits
Pole Vault - Unlock Supernova Circuit
Single Sculls Event - Unlock the Moonlight Circuit
Stardust Circuit - Place first on the Moonlight Circuit
Sunlight Circuit - Win Stardust, Planet, Comet, and Satellite Circuit
Supernova Circuit - Win Meteorite Circuit
Universal Circuit - Place on podium on Galaxy Circuit
Vault - Unlock Cosmos Circuit