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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Cheats "Unlockable Emblems" (Nintendo Wii)

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Unlockable Emblems

Unlock the following Emblems by performing the corresponding tasks:

Aquatics Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all swimming events
Bouncing Emblem - Get a score of 10 on the trampoline
[Character] Emblem(s) - Complete all missions with any character
Complete Game Emblem - Unlock all events
Crown Emblem - Complete all events with any character
Dream Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all dream events
Field Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all field events
Full Play Emblem - Play all events
Gallery Owner Emblem - Complete all gallery events
Gymnastics Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all gym events
Hunter Emblem - Get 120 points in Archery
Knight Emblem - Go 15-0 in an individual event
Network Emblem - Connect to Wi-Fi Nintendo Rankings
Olympic Record Emblem - Break a record on any event
Penalty Emblem - False start on the 100m event
Ping Pong Emblem - Win table tennis with a score of 11-0
Rocket Emblem - Win the 100m event
Skeet Emblem - Get 40 points on Skeet Shooting
Track Emblem - Get a Gold Medal on all track events
World Record Emblem - Break a world record on any event

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