Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 7

Team Bonuses

Get the following stats bonuses by using the corresponding teams of characters:

+15% Max Stamina - X-Men (Ice Man, Storm, Wolverine, Gambit and Jean Grey)
+35% Fusion Gain - Fantastic Four (Mr. Fantastic, Human Torch, Thing, Invisible Woman)
+5% Damage - Femme Fatales (Any four female characters)

Rating 2

Final Boss strategy

Choose Storm to fight the final boss. She is immune to his elemental attacks.

Rating 1

Unlockable Boost Medals

Unlock the following Boost Medals by scoring the specified numbers of points in the corresponding missions:

Bronze Commandeering Expertise Ribbon - Score 40,000 points in the recruit Green Goblin Mission
Bronze Distinguished Leadership Medal - Score 26,000 points in the Defend Wakanda Bonus Mission
Silver Medal of Marksmanship - Score 35,000 points in the recruit Gambit Mission
Bronze Meritorious Training Award - Score 50 points in the Hack Challenge Bonus Mission
Silver Outstanding Blitz Award - Score 25,000 points in the recruit Thor Mission
Gold Outstanding Efficiency Award - Score 17,000 points in the recruit Songbird Mission
Bronze World War Hulk Service Medal - Score 48,000 points in the Wakanda Pillar Defense Bonus Mission

Rating 1

Trivia answers

Act 1
QUESTION - ANSWER (50 XP per answer)
What is Spider-Man's secret identity? - Peter Parker
What is the criminal identity of Obadiah Stone? - Iron Monger
What is Captain America's Real Name? - Steve Rogers
What is the secret identity of the Gray Goblin? - Gabriel Stacy
Where was Speedball working when he gained his powers? - Hammond Research Laboratory
What is Songbird's real name? - Melissa Gold
Where did Charles Xavier locate his school for gifted youngsters? - Westchester, New York
What is the name of the newspaper founded by Daredevil confidant Ben Urich? - Front Line
What is the criminal identity of Otto Octavius? - Doctor Octopus
What is Daredevil's real name? - Matt Murdock
What is Luke Cage's real name? - Carl Lucas
Which member of the X-Men can build anything they can imagine? - Forge
The Fantastic Four call what city home? - New York
Before he was a hero, Spider-Man briefly called himself a… - Wrestler
When the character was first created, Wolverine was intended to be what? - A wolverine mutated to human form
What job does Peter Parker do for the Daily Bugle? - Photographer
What letter does Captain America traditionally wear on his forehead? - A
What price did Invisible Woman agree to pay Doctor Doom for delivering her baby safely? - Doom could name the baby
Which team is Wolverine not a part of? - Warbound
Captain America is a member of which team? - Avengers
Thing is a member of which team? - Fantastic four
Who is known as the "man without fear"? - Daredevil
What is Ms. Marvel's real name? - Carol Danvers
What is Wolverine's real name? - James Howlett
Which of these is the secret agent who aided the X-Men before dying in a plane explosion? - Michael Rossi
Which Team is known as "Earth's Mightiest Heroes"? - Avengers
Which team is known to be "Uncanny"? - X-Men
Wolverine received his adamantium skeleton as part of what program? - Weapon X
What is Hulk's Real Name? - Bruce Banner
Blade's mother was attacked by what creature? - Vampire
What war did Captain America Fight in? - World War II
What are the Fantastic Four's uniforms made of? - Unstable molecules
Spider-Man first appeared in what issue of 'Amazing Fantasy'? - 15
What is Gambit's real name? - Remy LeBeau
What is Iceman's real name? - Bobby Drake
What was Jean Grey's original X-Men team name? - Marvel Girl
Spider-Man's Costume does NOT have which of these colors? - Yellow
What is Psylocke's real name? - Elizabeth Braddock
What is Cyclops' real name? - Scott Summers
How is Spider-Man related to Spider-Woman? - Not related
Reed Richards is also known as… - Mister Fantastic
Which of these women has NOT been Spider-Woman? - Jean Grey
What is the name of the human that shares Thor's Body? - Donald Blake
Luke Cage works as a bodyguard for Matt Murdock with whom? - Jessica Jones
Where was Jean Grey's father employed? - Bard College
What is Nick Fury's middle name? - Joseph
Who was the man Psylocke was telepathically linked to when he was murdered? - Tom Lennox
Daredevil is of what descent? - Irish-American
After traveling through time, what pirate identity did Thing adopt? - Blackbeard
In the comics, which super-villain killed Gwen Stacy? - Green Goblin

Act 2
QUESTION - ANSWER (200 XP per answer)
What is Luke Cage's old superhero name? - Power Man
In which comic did Wolverine first appear? - 'The Incredible Hulk' 180
What was Ms. Marvel's name in the House of M? - Captain Marvel
Who shot and killed Steve Rogers? - Sharon Carter
Who has not been one of Daredevil's love interests? - Betty Brant
What was the name of Marvel Comics before it was Marvel Comics? - Timely Comics
Peter Parker's Uncle Ben was… - Shot
Complete this sentence: With great power there must also come great…? - Responsibility
What is the name of the book Ben Urich wrote about the Green Goblin? - Legacy of Evil
How old was Mister Fantastic when he first met his wife Sue? - 19
What superhero has romantic feelings for Penance? - Squirrel Girl
What is Daredevil's day job? - Lawyer
Wolverine's skeleton is covered with what alloy? - Adamantium
What materials were in the shield Franklin D. Roosevelt presented Captain America? - Steel and Vibranium
Who Raised Daredevil? - His father
Which Avenger was found frozen in a block of ice? - Captain America
Who is the publisher of the Daily Bugle? - J. Jonah Jameson
In what year was Wolverine's first appearance published? - 1974
Where does Thor live? - Asgard
What is the name of Tony Stark's Father? - Howard Stark
What is the name of Ms. Marvel's cat? - Chewie
Who was the Super-Skrull created to destroy? - Fantastic Four
What are Doctor Doom's robots known as? - Doombots
What is the Name of Thor's Hammer? - Mjolnir
What does Cyclops wear to control his powers? - Glasses
Who is Best known for saying, "It's Clobber'n Time!"? - The Thing
What is the name of Tony Stark's personal assistant? - Pepper Potts
Who originally bore the name "Human Torch"? - An android
What color was Ben Grimm's Hair? - Brown
Thor is not immortal, but must eat golden apples picked by whom? - Idunn
What is the name of Eddie Brock's Ex-wife? - Anne Weying
Who was Bruce Banner's wife? - Betty
Who is Storm's husband? - Black Panther
Where was Gambit Born? - New Orleans
What is Deadpool's real name? - Wade Wilson
What is the real name of the assistant of the doctor who experimented on Deadpool after he washed out of Weapon X? - Francis
Which Goddess is Thor's mother? - Gaea
Which of the following has NOT been a host to the Venom Symbiote? - Matt Murdock
Which of these is not a relative of Cyclops? - Norman Summers
Which of these is a known ally of Professor Mendel Stromm? - Seward Trainer
In what city was Blade born? - London
Which of these was NOT a founding member of the Avengers? - Spider-Man
What is Iron Man's real name? - Tony Stark
In the original comic story, in what country was Tony Stark held prisoner? - Vietnam
Which super-villain once refused to pay Luke Cage for his work? - Doctor Doom
In which town did Sue and Johnny Storm grow up? - Glenville
Which of these women is Gabriel Stacy's sister-in-law? - Liz Osborn
What is the highest level of education completed by Jessica Drew? - High School Dropout
Which of these was once an alias of Edwin Jarvis - Crimson Cowl
Which of these was not the name of Frank Castle's wife, son, or daughter? - Helen

Act 3
QUESTION - ANSWER (450 XP per answer)
Who is the super-villain Scorpio's brother? - Nick Fury
In what issue of 'The Uncanny X-Men' did Psylocke join the X-Men? - 213
The Hulk gained his powers after being exposed to what radiation? - Gamma
Who is Captain America's greatest villain? - Red Skull
What is Sue Richards' maiden name? - Storm
What is the Human Torch's real name? - Johnny Storm
What country is ruled by Black Panther? - Wakanda
Who is Matt Murdock's law partner? - Foggy Nelson
What is Storm's real name? - Ororo Munroe
What is the name of Norman Osborn's son? - Harry
Who is Psylocke's brother? - Captain Britain
What college did Reed Richards attend? - Empire State University
What was the name of Captain America's teen sidekick? - Bucky
What metal is mined in Wakanda? - Vibranium
Who is known as the "merc with a mouth"? - Deadpool
Who made Spider-Man's costume? - Peter Parker
How long can Grey Gargoyle turn something to stone? - 1 hour
In what comic did Iron Man first appear? - 'Tales of Suspense'
What is the name of Hulk's cousin? - Jennifer Walters
Who was the crime lord that hired Slaymaster to kill Psylocke and the other S.T.R.I.K.E. PSI-Divison agents? - Vixen
What is the name of Storm's mother? - N'Dare
Whom did Gambit approach for help after his powers became active? - Sinister
What was the name of Daredevil's first love? - Elektra
Complete this name: Xavier's School For Gifted… - Youngsters
Deadpool was once investigated by what interdimensional law firm? - Landau, Luckman, and Lake
Thor's enemy, Surtur, is from what plane of existence? - Muspelheim
Eddie Brock lost his job at the Daily Glove after fabricating a story about who? - Sin-Eater
Ben Grimm is also known as… - The Thing
What country does Doctor Doom call home? - Latveria
Who is the mother of Norman Osborn's son Gabriel? - Gwen Stacy
What rank was Cyclops's father in the United States Air Force? - Major
Penance has a suit that causes how many points of pain? - 612
Who is the founder of the X-Men? - Charles Xavier
Who Built the Iron Man armor? - Tony Stark
What is the name of the Fantastic Four's home? - Baxter Building
What was Songbird's wrestling stage name? - Screaming Mimi
Who was the leader of the Bloodshadows - Lamia
Who did Tony Stark claim Iron Man really was? - His bodyguard
Where is the Baxter Building located? - 42nd St. and Madison Ave.
What college did Iceman attend? - UCLA
How old was Jean Grey when her powers first manifested? - 10
Rick Jones was the friend of what scientist? - Bruce Banner
Iceman once pursued a romantic relationship with Polaris. What name did Polaris use first? - Magnetrix
In 1780, Jean Grey's ancestor was a Hellfire Club Queen in what city? - Philadelphia
Which agency has Nick Fury not worked for? - FBI
Which of these is NOT a color the Hulk has turned? - Yellow
Ms. Marvel's lover, William Wagner, was revealed to be a member of what alien race? - Kree
Captain America was shot and killed in 'Captain America' Volume 5, Issue 25, which was published in what month? - March 2007
While Human Torch was appearing in the pages of 'Strange Tales', what was the name of his girlfriend? - Dorrie Evans
What religion is The Thing? - Jewish

Act 4
QUESTION - ANSWER (800 XP per answer)
What religious affiliation is Penance? - Presbyterian
Who is Songbird's great love, Beetle, also known as? - Abner Jenkins
What is The Thing's middle name? - Jacob
Which of these is not one of Hulk's multiple personalties? - Bannerman
As a young girl, Storm was a Thief in what city? - Cairo
Daredevil's arch nemesis, The Kingpin, was first an enemy of what other character? - Spider-Man
What is the name of Luke Cage's daughter? - Danielle
What is the name of the Avengers' Butler? - Edwin Jarvis
What newspaper did Norman Osborn buy? - Daily Bugle
For a time, Hulk was known as Joe Fixit and worked as muscle for what casino owner? - Michael Berengetti
Gambit married Bella Donna Boudreaux and was forced to do battle with her bother. What was his name? - Julien
What is Penance's real name? - Robbie Baldwin
What fear does Storm suffer from? - Claustrophobia
What is the name of Peter Parker's Uncle? - Ben
After Jean Grey's death, Cyclops signs onto a fishing boat. Who was the captain of this boat? - Lee Forrester
What street gang did Blade join as a young man? - Bloodshadows
At what age did Tony Stark begin attending MIT? - 15
What is the cover date on 'Amazing Fantasy' 15? - August 1962
When Doctor Doom was deposed as leader of Latveria, who took control? - Zorba
What was Ms. Marvel's Air Force call sign? - Cheeseburger
Mister Fantastic's 40th century descendant, Nathaniel Richards, is also known by what name? - Kang the Conqueror
Ms. Marvel battled the Brood single-handedly in what Georgia town? - Spaulding
What is the name of Peter Parker's Aunt? - May
What is the identity of the Captain America impostor the Human Torch met? - Acrobat
Which of these government agencies has Wolverine not worked with? - NSA
What did Hank Pym discover? - Pym Particles
Why did Sue Storm's father go to prison? - Accidentally killed a man
Whom did Gambit help a de-aged Storm defeat? - Amahl Farouk
Songbird controls her powers with technology developed by what villain? - Klaw
What member of the X-Men was Iceman? - Second
Where did Jean Grey go to college after leaving Xavier's school? - Metro College
Who created the Infinity Formula? - Dr. Berthold Sternberg
Psylock originally had what powers? - Telepathy
What is the name of Daredevil's ninja master? - Stick
Which team has Luke Cage not been a member of? - X-Men
Cyclops's wife Madelyne struck a bargain with what demon - N'astirh
Who is the only vampire hunter other than Blade to survive Ogun Strong's Battle with Dracula? - Musenda
Captain America was part of what World War II era super team? - Invaders
Which of the following has not been one of Wolverine's aliases? - Weapon Omega
In High School the Invisible Woman was captain of what? - Girls Varsity Swim Team
What is the name of Human Torch's friend who convinced him to be a Firefighter? - Mike Snow
The Fantastic Four gained their powers after being hit by what? - Cosmic Rays
What is the name of The Thing's older brother, who was killed in a street fight? - Daniel
What is the name of the great love that rejected Deadpool because of his healing factor? - Death
What amnesiac World War II hero did Human Torch encounter after quitting the Fantastic Four? - Namor
Thor's enemy Fafnir was once king of what? - Nastrond
What was Penance's superhero identity before he was Penance? - Speedball
Who was Bobby Drake on a date with when his powers first manifested? - Judy Harmon
What is the name of the woman who came to possess a Yellow Venom Symbiote? - Donna Diego
What is the Superhuman Registration Act also known as? - HR 421

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding sequences of buttons at the "Hero Details" or "Team Select" menu:

All Dossiers - At the main menu, press DOWN(3), RIGHT(2), LEFT, DOWN, START.
All movies - At the main menu, press UP, LEFT(2), UP, RIGHT(2), UP, START.
All diaries - At the main menu, press LEFT, RIGHT(2), LEFT, UP(2), RIGHT, START.
Extra money - At the "Hero Details" menu, quickly press UP(2), DOWN(2), UP(3), DOWN, START.
All Fusions - While playing, press RIGHT(2), UP, DOWN, UP(2), LEFT, START.
All powers - While playing, quickly press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT, RIGHT(2), LEFT, START.
All skins - While playing, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, START to unlock all skins.
All heroes - While playing, press UP(2), DOWN(2), LEFT(3), START to unlock all heroes.
Play as Hulk - While playing, quickly press DOWN, LEFT(2), UP, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, LEFT, START.
Play as Jean Grey - While playing, press LEFT(2), RIGHT(2), UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, START.
Play as Thor - While playing, press UP, RIGHT(2), DOWN, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, START.

Rating 0

Nanite Nick Fury

To unlock Nanite Nick Fury, complete the game on Easy or Normal.

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Choose "Rebel" and talk to Goliath before a mission. He will give you a bonus mission. Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks in the bonus mission:

Cyclops - Score 30,000, defend Cyclops and the civilians and defeat Scorcher
Gambit - Score 30,000, collect all Data Discs, defeat all the enemies and reach the exit
Jean Grey - Score 13,000, destroy all targets with the drones and defeat Grey Gargoyle
Storm - Get 25,000 coins while standing in front of Thor
The Thing - Score 15,000, defeat the Lizard and all enemies in less than nine minutes
Thor - Get 15,000 coins before the time expires