Mega Man 5 Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 2

Recommended Order

The following is the best order to fight the the bosses:

  • Stone Man
  • Charge Man
  • Wave Man
  • Star Man
  • Gravity Man
  • Gyro Man
  • Crystal Man
  • Napalm Man

Rating 1

All Robots defeated password

Enter the following password at the password screen to start the game with all robots already defeated: Blue B4 D6 F1 and Red C1 D4 F6.

Rating 0

Boss Weaknesses

The following bosses are weak against the corresponding weapons:

Wave Man Charge Kick
Star Man Water Wave
Napalm Man Crystal Eye
Crystal Man Gyro Attack
Gyro Man Gravity Hold
Charge Man Power Stone
Gravity Man Star Crash
Rock Man Napalm Bomb 
Protoman Level Boss 1 Water Wave
Protoman Level Boss 2 Napalm Bomb and Crystal Eye
Protoman Level Boss 3 Gyro Attack
PROTOMAN Power Stone and Star Crash 
Dr. Willy Level Boss 1 Crystal Eye
Dr. Willy Level Boss 2 Gyro Attack
Dr. Willy Level Boss 3 Gyro Attack and Crystal Eye (very difficult)