Monster Jam: Path Of Destruction Nintendo Wii Cheats

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Unlockable Monster Trucks

Unlock the following trucks by performing the corresponding tasks:

Backwards Bob - Reach level 7.
Black Stallion - Reach level 6.
Blacksmith - Reach level 15.
Blue Thunder - Finish first in Houston Stadium Race.
Bounty Hunter - Finish first in Southern Series.
Brutus - Reach level 5.
Bulldozer - Reach level 4.
Captain's Curse - Finish first in Oakland Gate Rush.
Destroyer - Reach level 12.
El Toro Loco - Finish first in San Diego Time Crush.
Grave Digger - Finish first in Orlando Freestyle.
Grinder - Finish first in Minneapolis Circuit Race.
Gunslinger - Reach level 9.
Jurassic Attack - Reach level 10.
King Krunch - Reach level 13.
Madusa - Reach level 3.
Maximum Destruction - Finish first in Indianapolis Stadium Race.
Monster Mutt - Finish first in New Orleans Circuit Race.
Mowhawk Warrior - Finish first in Las Vegas Freestyle.
Predator - Finish first in Western Series.
Stone Crusher - Reach level 8.
War Wizard - Reach level 2.