Monster Lair Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 2

Hard Mode

Play the game, get a high score and get a game over. Do this five times. At the name entry screen input the same name all 5 times. When the hi-score list is populated by the same name, the game will be in hard mode.

Rating 1

Unlimited Continues

When entering your initials on the scoreboard enter "68K".

Rating 0

Double Firepower hint

Note: This trick requires two controllers. Perform the following steps for double firepower:

1. Connect the 5-player turbo tap
2. Plug a single controller into port two
3. Turn on the system
4. Choose a two-player game
5. When the game starts, pause it and remove the 5-player turbo pad
6. Plug a single pad or joystick into the system
7. Unpause and try overlapping the two ships

Now you have double firepowe