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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Cheats "Unlockable Kreate-A-Kharacter Items" (Nintendo Wii)


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Unlockable Kreate-A-Kharacter Items

Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks in Konquest mode:

Elder Gods Female Armor - Torso - Follow the right path of the fork in the Red Dragon Caverns.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Belt - Behind the previously locked gate in Arctika after the second obelisk after defeating the Tengu Ninjas.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Boots - After the Shadow Stalkers, break the cracked wall to the left then go down to the right alcove.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Cape - Look in the area after you encounter and defeat Sonya.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Glove - Get to the flaming sword area of Shinnok's Spire, then turn and run to your left.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Helmet - Defeat the Shao Khan Colossus then enter the second room on the right.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Legs - In the cave that opens after you defeat the undead of the Netherrealm after getting your gauntlets.
Elder Gods Female Armor - Shoulders - Reach the cell area of Shao Kahn's Dungeon and hit the Ground Pound icon. The chest is in the first cell on the left.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Belt - To the right after you open the first door in the Tekunin Warship.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Boots - After the Shadow Stalkers, break the second cracked wall on the right. Go down to the end and look in the left alcove.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Cape - Defeat the Shao Khan Colossus, then enter the second room on the left.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Glove - After the second fallen log and to the right in Botan Jungle.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Helmet - Defeat the Giant Skulls in Edenia, then go up the path until you find the golden chest.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Legs - Found in the left corner of the second area of Shinnok's Spire.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Shoulders - Stand in the middle of the room after freeing Shujinko. Then, shoot a fireball at the nearby torch.
Elder Gods Male Armor - Torso - Defeat the Tengu Leader then go forward and break open the discolored wall on the right in the blade trap area.

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