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Mortal Kombat: Armageddon Cheats "Wii-Mote Cheat Codes" (Nintendo Wii)


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Wii-Mote Cheat Codes

Unlock the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes with the Wii-Mote at the "?" box inside the Krypt:

Falling Cliffs arena - ZR, D-pad RIGHT, D-pad LEFT, D-pad DOWN, D-pad RIGHT, D-pad UP
General Reiko's Map Room arena - A, D-pad UP, A, Nunchuck UP, D-pad DOWN(2)
Krimson Forest (Red Dawn) arena - A, C, D-pad UP, Nunchuck DOWN(2), D-pad LEFT
Nethership Interior arena - A, Nunchuck LEFT(2), Nunchuck DOWN, C, D-pad LEFT
Pyramid Of Argus arena - A, C, D-pad LEFT, D-pad DOWN, A, Nunchuck UP
Shinnok's Spire arena - Nunchuck LEFT(2), D-pad RIGHT, Nunchuck UP, D-pad UP, C
Play as Blaze - D-pad UP, D-pad LEFT, Nunchuck LEFT, C, Nunchuck LEFT, D-pad RIGHT
Play as Daegon - A, C, D-pad UP, Nunchuck DOWN(2), D-pad LEFT
Play as Meat - Nunchuck UP, D-pad LEFT(2), D-pad RIGHT(2), Nunchuck UP
Play as Taven - C, Nunchuck LEFT, ZR, Nunchuck UP, D-pad RIGHT, Nunchuck DOWN
Drahmin's alternate costume - C, Nunchuck RIGHT, D-pad DOWN, A, Nunchuck UP(2)
Frost's alternate costume - Nunchuck DOWN, A(2), C, D-pad RIGHT, C
Nitara's alternate costume - Nunchuck DOWN, C, Nunchuck UP, C(2), Nunchuck RIGHT
Shang Tsung's alternate costume - C, Nunchuck LEFT, Nunchuck UP, D-pad RIGHT, Nunchuck UP, C
Cyrax Fatality Blooper movie - Nunchuck RIGHT, C, Z, Nunchuck DOWN, Nunchuck UP, C
Mortal Kombat: Armageddon promo movie - Nunchuck UP(2), Nunchuck DOWN, Nunchuck UP, ZL, D-pad RIGHT
Motor gameplay movie - D-pad UP, Nunchuck UP, ZR, C, A, ZR
Armory music - D-pad DOWN, D-pad LEFT, Nunchuck LEFT, D-pad UP, D-pad LEFT, D-pad DOWN
Lin Kuei Palace music - C, Nunchuck LEFT, D-pad RIGHT, D-pad DOWN, RZ, Nunchuck RIGHT
Pyramid Of Argus music - Nunchuck DOWN, Nunchuck LEFT, A, C, Nunchuck UP, C
Tekunin Warship music - Nunchuck UP, D-pad RIGHT, C, A(2), D-pad DOWN
Blaze concept art - C, D-pad UP, C(2), A, D-pad LEFT
Early Taven concept art - Nunchuck UP, D-pad DOWN, RZ, Nunchuck DOWN, C, D-pad DOWN
Ed Boon concept art - C, Nunchuck LEFT, Nunchuck UP, D-pad RIGHT, A, C
Firewall arena concept art - Nunchuck UP, D-pad LEFT, A, C, D-pad RIGHT, C
Mileena's car design concept art - A, Nunchuck RIGHT, Nunchuck UP, A, D-pad UP, Nunchuck UP
Pyramid Of Argus concept art - D-pad UP, Nunchuck LEFT(2), D-pad DOWN, Nunchuck DOWN, D-pad RIGHT
Sektor's Pulse Blade concept art - A, C, Nunchuck LEFT, D-pad DOWN, Nunchuck UP, A
Scorpion Throw Sketch concept art - C, Nunchuck LEFT, Nunchuck UP, D-pad RIGHT, Z, C
Unused Konquest Trap concept art - D-pad RIGHT, RZ, D-pad UP, Nunchuck DOWN, D-pad RIGHT, Nunchuck LEFT

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