MySims Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 3

Total essence house hint

To make a house to be 100% of a type of essence (for example, food), do not use any other colors from other essences or it will ruin it. When in the Build mode, you can put actual essences (for example, cake) onto a table or anywhere else. You can also paint your floors and wallpaper with an essence. A third way is to put literal essences into the furniture while you are building it then also paint them with essences. You can then have a house made of food (or whatever other essence is desired.)

Rating 2

Unlockable Items

Unlock the following items by reaching the corresponding town ranks:

Crowbar - One star
Saw - Two stars
Pick Axe - Three stars
Blow Torch - Four stars
Town Monument Blueprint - Five stars

Rating 1

Unlockable Sims

Unlock the following Sims by achieving 100% of the corresponding interests:

Amazing Daryl - 100% Fun
Chancellor Ikara - 100% Tasty
Hopper - 100% Cute
Mel - 100% Spooky
Samurai Bob - 100% Studious
Star - 100% Geeky

Rating 1

Special items

To access the cheat entry screen, pause the game while in town and press 2, 1, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT(2), RIGHT(2). Unlock the following items by entering the corresponding case-sensitive passwords:

Bunk Bed - F3nevr0
Camouflage Pants - N10ng5g
Funky Hipster Suit - Tglg0ca
Genie - Gvsb3k1
Hourglass Couch - Ghtymba
Kimono Dress - I3hkdvs
Modern Couch - T7srhca
Racecar Bed - Ahvmrva
Rickshaw Bed - Itha7da
White Jacket - R705aan

Rating 1

DS version easter egg

When decorating Elmira's library, one decoration will be a bust of Mayor Helen, who is the mayor in the DS version.

Rating 0

Unlockable Outfits

Unlock the following outfits by pausing the game and pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons:

Samurai Armor - Y, X, RIGHT, LEFT, L, R, DOWN, UP
Samurai Helmet - X, Y, R, L, X, Y, R, L
Punk Bottom - LEFT, R, L, RIGHT, Y, Y, X, X
Punk Top - UP, X, DOWN, Y, LEFT, L, RIGHT, R

Rating 0

Fashion Review outfits

After attaining a four-star rating, Elizabeth will hold fashion review. Check the bulletin board outside the casino to find out where the fashion reviews are being held. Wear the corresponding outfits at the following locations:

Entertainment Area - Pink Gradient Polo, Pink Shorts
Forest - Green Camisole, Yellow Pleated Skirt
Highlands - White Polo Shirt, Purple Skirt
Mountains - Yellow Camisole, Purple Skirt
Port Area - Blue Hawaiian Shirt, Light Blue Pants
Town - Red Hawaiian Shirt, Blue Roll-Ups