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Naruto Shippuden: Clash Of Ninja Revolution 3 Cheats "Sasori's attacks glitch" (Nintendo Wii)


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Sasori's attacks glitch

By using Sasori, you can have plenty of fun. Player one can use Sasori while the player two can select from Gaara, Deidara, Baki, Hiruko or any character with Kunei attack. When player two uses his attack, such as Baki's Down + A move or Gaara's A attack, etc., at the moment he throws it, use Sasori's A attack then his Down + A fire move. This will cause a glitch, making other throwing attacks with the glitch one. For example, Sasori throwing his A attack look like it has a tornado, or Deidara's bird in Sasori's A attack.

2 years ago

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