Obscure: The Aftermath Nintendo Wii Cheats

Rating 4

Hack door outside of Delta-Theta-Gamma Party

Use the code "MOZART" to get in while playing as Mei. This will be the first door you discover. To locate it, have Mei search with the decryption device.

Rating 2

Hack computer for dynamite ingredients

Use the code "EINSTEIN" to hack into the computer and obtain the ingredients for dynamite. Note: When you break the soda machine in the basement (first level) of the hospital, keep the soda. It is the last ingredient you will need.

Rating 1

Hacking Codes

Hack the following location by entering the corresponding codes:

Delta-Theta-Gamma Party Door - "MOZART" with Mei. To find the door, have Mei search with the decryption device.
Door that leads to Jun - "FREUD".
Computer - "EINSTEIN". This will give you the ingredients for dynamite.
Delta Beta frat house - "PICASSO".
Safe - "1873".

Rating 1

Hack door to get to Jun

To open the door and get to Jun, use the code "FREUD". This will be the second door you discover.

Rating 0

Safe code

The code to the safe is "1873". You can find it on the desk in the room you enter from the window. Examine it carefully with the woman.

Rating 0

Easy lockpicking hint

When you need to lockpick a door, get to the final rod. When you do, make sure the pin is stuck. Before the pin gets unstuck, shake the Wiimote up and down rapidly. The pin should go directly through the rod and into the hole at the end. Note: This does not always work.

Rating 0

Delta Beta frat house code

The code to unlock the door in the Delta Beta at the top of the stairs frat house is "PICASSO".