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Okami Cheats "Bandit Spider strategy" (Nintendo Wii)


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Bandit Spider strategy

-Bandit Spider is an optional Boss. To fight Bandit Spider, learn "Digging Champ" from Onigiri Sensei and go to Ryoshima Coast. Go past the Monk Temple and follow the trail to find an area with two brown cows and a calf. There will be a rock surface for you to dig at. Dig there, and a hole will appear that has a purple mist coming out of it. Go into it, and you will be able to fight Bandit Spider. Bandit Spider is similar to Spider Queen, except it attacks more often by throwing energy balls. Draw three lines to his spinnerets, then attack the lamps. Also, when it spits out a metal sac (with a fuse on it), draw a line from the fire to the "bomb" and you can attack the lamps again using the same method. Follow the strategy to defeat Bandit Spider.

-You can fight Bandit Spider again after reaching North Ryoshima Coast. Ride the Orca to one of the islands and you will see a rock surface. This requires the technique "Digging Champ". Dig there to fall into a hole. If you defeat him, you will get a Sun Fragment.

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