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Okami Cheats "Brushstroke gods" (Nintendo Wii)


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Brushstroke gods

Yomigami, God of Rejuvenation
Meeting place - River of the Heavens.
Description - Use it to repair and recreate things like the river in the area.

Tachigami, God of the Power Slash
Meeting Place - River in the Heavens.
Description - Use it to stun or kill enemies, or slash though rocks and trees.
Second Meeting Place - North Ryoshima Coast, dig in an island, donate a total of 60,000 yen to the Divine Spring to get it.
Brushstroke Gained - Power Slash 2
Description - Use this even more powerful slash to kill enemies and get though iron.
Third Meeting Place - Ezofuji, near the top of the area, not to long after you meet the bears there, jump of the cliff, cut though the iron, and donate a total of 360,000 yen to the spring.
Brushstroke Gained - Power Slash 3
Description - The most Powerful slash can cut though diamonds.

Amaterasu, God of Sunrise (you)
When Brushstroke is granted - Kamiki Village.
Description - Make the sun rise anytime of the day, to make the sun brighter, or get out of night time.

Sakigami, God of Bloom
Meeting Place - Hana Valley.
Description - Use this to bloom dead trees and make them give you praise (use on citizens to make them happy and pet you if your lucky).

Bakugami, God of the Cherry Bomb
Meeting Place - Shinshu Field.
Description - Use the Cherry Bomb to get though cracks in the wall, and highly damage enemies.
Second Meeting Place - North Ryoshima Coast, like with Tachigami, find an island (this time near the Guardian Sapling), use a cherry bomb to get in, and donate 120,000 to the spring.
Brushstroke gained - Cherry Bomb 2
Description - You can now have two cherry bombs at once.
Third Meeting Place - Kamui, behind the Guardian Sapling, use two cherry bombs to get in, and donate 300,000 yen to the spring.
Brushstroke Gained - Cherry Bomb 3
Description - You can now have three cherry bomb out at once.

Tsutagami, God of the Vine
Meeting Place - Tsuta Ruins.
Description - With a vine you can now swing from place to place by Konohana Blossoms.

Nuregami, God of the Waterspout
Meeting Place - Sasa Sanctuary.
Description - Take water from one place and move to another, or get the water to make a fountain to reach high places.
Second Meeting Place - Dragon Palace, after you get the key to get in the side rooms go in the right one, and help the woman recreate the "Swirly-Whirly".
Brushstroke Gained - Fountain
Description - Use in Mermaid Ponds to teleport anywhere for free.
Third Meeting Place - Sei-An City (Aristocrat Quarter), after you defeat Ninetails, go behind the building and water the four stones.
Brushstroke Gained - Deluge
Description - Use it to make it rain down on enemies.

Yumigami, God of the Moonlight
Meeting Place - Agata Forest, after you fight with another Canine Warrior, Gi in Sara Sanctuary, you must catch a Whopper with the kid in the forest.
Description - Make it darker out, or make it night.

Kazegami, God of the Galestorm
Meeting Place - Gale Shrine.
Description - Use wind to move heavy objects, and blow away enemies.
Second Meeting Place - North Ryosima Coast, Help a fisherman on an island southwest of the real area, catch and serve a fish called Marlin.
Brushstroke Gained - Whirlwind
Description - This even more powerful Wind attack can really blow enemies away.

Moegami, God of Fire
Meeting Place - Moon Cave.
Description - Draw fire from one place to another to melt something, of start it on fire
Second Meeting Place - Sei-An (Commoners Quarter). You must get a Get a Gold Mushroom from the tea person in Taka Pass, by defeating Moley and the Molesters, and give the mushroom to the cook in the Café.
Brushstroke Gained - Fireburst
Description - Now you can create fire anywhere there is something to light.

Kasugami, God of the Mist
Meeting Place - Imperial Palace.
Description - You can now slow down time, in battles, or in the regular game play.
Second Meeting Place - Imperial Palace, after the Emperor is not sick and back to normal, trade 80 Demon Fangs for a Frog Pot.
Brushstroke Gained - Mist Warp
Description - You can now warp from any Origin Mirror that has an X on it, for free.

Kabegami, God of the Catwalk
Meeting Place - Catcall Tower.
Description - Using the cat statues around the world, you can get up ledges you normally could not reach.

Gekigami, God of Thunder
Meeting Place - Oni Island.
Description - Take thunder from one place and bring it to another.
Second Meeting Place - Sei-An City (Aristocrat Quarter), in the northwest point of town go behind the buildings until you find one with a cat statue, climb up, and help the inventor.
Brushstroke Gained - Thunderbolt
Description - Strike any enemy with a bolt of lightning.

Itegami, God of Blizzard
Meeting Place - Wawku Shrine.
Description - Use something frozen to freeze anything, for a short time.

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