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Okami Cheats "Divine Instruments" (Nintendo Wii)


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Divine Instruments

Obtain the following Divine Instruments by performing the corresponding tasks:

Divine Retribution (Reflector) - Available at start.
Devout Beads (Beads) - Agata Forest.
Snarling Beast (Reflector) - Defeat the Spider Queen.
Infinity Judge (Reflector) - Kusa Village, from the merchant (about 50,000 yen).
Life Beads (Beads) - Defeat Crimson Helm.
Tsumugari (Glaive) - Defeat Orochi.
Exorcism Beads (Beads) - Defeat Blight.
Seven Strike (Glaive) - Sei-An City (Commander's Quarter; about 100,000 yen).
Blade of Kusanagi (Glaive) - Defeat Ninetails.
Resurrection Beads (Beads) - Wep'Keer from the merchant for 150,000 yen.
Eighth Wonder (Glavie) - Ponc'tan for 200,000 yen.
Trinity Mirror (Reflector) - Sei-An city or Kamiki Village (100 years in the past ) for 200,000 yen.
Thunder Edge (Glaive) - Defeat True Orochi.
Solar Flare (Reflector ) Free all of the Spirits of the brush. It is the most powerful weapon.
Tundra Beads (Beads) - Sei-An City, after you defeat the Twin Demons for 500,000 yen.

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