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Okami Cheats "Ninetails strategy" (Nintendo Wii)


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Ninetails strategy

Ninetails will attack by whipping you with his tails, ramming into you, summoning foxfire or squirting out pools of acid. Your brush techniques will not usually work on him either, as he has the power of a brush god as well. He will cross out all your attacks or make a weapon out of your drawing. For example, if you draw a circle, he might cross it out or turn it into a cherry bomb. When he raises his Nine Strike, draw a thunderbolt to the sword. He will turn into nine maidens. Defeat some of them. It might be wise to use some Exorcism Slips. He will lose more tails the more enemies you defeat. Eventually he will turn into a normal one-tailed fox. You can use brush techniques and any attack on him. He will also lose his brush techniques.

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