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Okami Cheats "Stray Beads" (Nintendo Wii)


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Stray Beads

Obtain all 100 Stray Beads at the following locations:

1. River of the Heavens (1/1) - Found north of the bridge in an alcove.
2. Kamiki Village (1/3) - On a rafter underneath the chief's wooden platform.
3. Kamiki Village (2/3) - In a buried treasure chest on the northeast island.
4. Kamiki Village (3/3) - Up the floating flower path by the waterfall.
5. Shinshu Field (1/6) - Near the Moon Cave entrance. Look back and you will see two routes; one that goes left and one that goes right. Take the path on the left until you reach the end. The treasure chest that contains the Stray Bead is in the middle of the three shrubs.
6. Shinshu Field (2/6) - Behind Onigiri-Sensei's Dojo in the corner by the rail. Dig between the three shrubs and a treasure chest containing the Stray Bead will become unearthed.
7. Shinshu Field (3/6) - On the east side of the river by the Guardian Sapling ina buried treasure chest.
8. Shinshu Field (4/6) - In a buried chest in the northwestern corner.
9 - Shinshu Field (5/6) - Given by Tama when you make three cherry bombs for him.
10. Shinshu Field (6/6) - Given by the Nameless Man when you give a vase to all five of the statues.
11. Hana Valley (1/1) - Through the tunnel, after the campfire, on the left next to the tree in a buried treasure chest.
12. Agata Forest (1/6) - Inside Madame Fawn's shop.
13. Agata Forest (2/6) - Behind the cheif's hut in a buried treasure chest.
14. Agata Forest (3/6) - On the ledge near Tsuta Ruins, in a buried treasure chest.
15. Agata Forest (4/6) - In the trees on the islands. Use the floating flowers to obtain the Stray Bead.
16. Agata Forest (5/6) - Found on top of the water tree in the north most area.
17. Agata Forest (6/6) - Found inside one if the burning treasure chest outside of Madame Fawn's shop.
18. Tsuta Ruins (1/3) - Once you kill Blockhead, go up the trees. When you reach three statues with a gray-black wall behind it, draw a Cherry Bomb. You will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
19. Tsuta Ruins (2/3) - Smash all of the barrels that are leaking the poison. When the water becomes purified, jump of the waterfall and go into the alcove that is inside it. Draw a Cherry Bomb on the wall, and you will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
20. Tsuta Ruins (3/3) - Return to the area where you had to push the ball over to the button so you could open the door after you obtain the Vine Brush. You should see a floating flower. Use the Vine Brush to get on the flower. North of the flower you will see a bud. Bloom it to get the Stray Bead.
21. Taka Pass (1/6) - After you defeat Waka inside of the cave, you will see a pond. Look for the bubbles rising from the pond. Use Power Slash to reveal the Stray Bead.
22. Taka Pass (2/6) - Behind Mr. and Mrs. Cutter's house near the pond. It is next to the big rock. You can see it better at night.
23. Taka Pass (3/6) - Found in a buried treasure chest in the western area.
24. Taka Pass (4/6) - Next to the Mermaid Spring, in a buried treasure chest under a leaf pile.
25. Taka Pass (5/6) - Found in a burning treasure chest in the southeast.
26. Taka Pass (6/6) - Buried under a rock surface in the western area.
27. Kusa Village (1/3) - Near Princess Fuse's house. Stand in front of the bridge going towards the house. The Stray Bead is in between the rock and the tree.
28. Kusa Village (2/3) - Buried inside Mr. Bamboo's house.
29. Kusa Village (3/3) - In a treasure chest on the rafters of the village.
30. Sasa Sanctuary (1/3) - Between the bamboo fountain and the dirt at the entrance.
31. Sasa Sanctuary (2/3) - In the rear, upper left room there is a doll. Dot the eye to get it.
32. Sasa Sancturay (3/3) - In a buried treasure chest in an alcove at the back.
33. Gale Shrine (1/3) - Draw a Cherry Bomb on the center rof the elevator, but do not get on it. When the platform rises, jump down.
34. Gale Shrine (2/3) - In a burning box outside on the second floor balcony.
35. Gale Shrine (3/3). After you defeat the Crimson Helm with further game progression, return to the Gale Shrine and go to the northern alcove at the beginning. Defeat all of the Canine Warriors and Princess Fuse will reward you with a Stray Bead.
36. City Checkpoint (1/5) - Head south down the river. At the very end, the Stray Bead will be in a buried box.
37. City Checkpoint (2/5) - Found down a path south ways taken from the bridge in a burning box.
38. City Checkpoint (3/5) - Found across the bridge under restored land.
39. City Checkpoint (4/5) - Found all the way down a floating flower trail from the bridge.
40. City Checkpoint (5/5) - In a buried treasure chest, on an island at the north end of the river.
41. Ryoshima Coast (1/5) - On top of the sunken ship.
42. Ryoshima Coast (2/5) - Give the black and white rabbit named "Inabi" north of the Animal Lover. Give it to him and he will give you a Stray Bead.
43. Ryoshima Coast (3/5) - Under the rock surface outside Onigiri-sensei's Dojo.
44. Ryoshima Coast (4/5) - Go down the pathway next to the Angoku Temple until you see an area with a few cows near it. There will be a rock platform. If you were thought the technique "Digging Champ" from Onigiri-Sensei, dig there. Defeat the Bandit Spider, and you will have to fight a series of consecutive demon gates. After you cleared the demon gates, you will obtain the Stray Bead.
45. Ryoshima Coast (Given by Hayate) - Beat Hayate in a race to obtain the Stray Bead.
46. Sei-an City (Commoner's Quarter) (1/5) - Found in the channel west of the Sei-an City entrance (not literally at the Sei-an City entrance, once you enter Sei-an City).
47. Se-an City (Commoner's Quarter) (2-5) - Buried inside Mr. Flower's house.

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