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Okami Cheats "Traveling shortcuts" (Nintendo Wii)


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Traveling shortcuts

- Purchase the Fog Pot and the Water Tablet from the Emperor as soon as you can (the Water Tablet is only available after defeating Oni Island). Now there is no need to use Orca in North Ryoshima Coast for all those sidequests.

- There are some areas in the game (some containing Stray Beads) that can only be accessed by using the Fog Pot and traveling to special Origin Mirrors that cannot be reached by usual means. Find them labeled on the map after accessing Fog Pot.

- There is a shortcut from Southern Ryoshima Coast to Madam Fawn's place on the road to the Guardian Sapling. The entrance is marked by torches, but must be activated from the Ryoshima Coast side.

- After everything with the Water Dragon, go back to the Dragon Palace and find the room with the mermaids. Get their swirly-whirly back and you will have travel from pool to pool for free.

-Remember where the pools and the larger Origin Mirrors are and you will save much time traveling from place to place.

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