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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Armored Beetle strategies" (Nintendo Wii)


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Armored Beetle strategies

-In both the Forest of Hope and the Distant Spring, you’ll find a beetle that carries a ship part. To defeat them, get around 30 Red Pikmin and wait until it sucks in air. When it does, fire a Pikmin near it and it should get stuck in the sucker. The outer shell will open, revealing the vulnerable part of its body. Use the C-STICK to charge your Pikmin onto the body to damage it. Repeat this until it dies. Take the beetle back to the Onion for more Pikmin.

-Captain Olimar can blow up the rocks that the Armored Cannon Beetle fires  by using Olimar's punch (press A). This is not effective in the Distant Spring, only in the Forest Of Hope. Throw the required amount of Pikmin at the part and cover them while blowing the rocks up with Olimar's punch so none of the Pikmin are hurt. This does not affect Olimar's health. Note: You have to time it correctly or else you’ll miss the rocks and receive damage.

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