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Pikmin (New Play Control!) Cheats "Complete the game in 14 Day" (Nintendo Wii)


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Complete the game in 14 Day

Use the following guide to get all parts in just 14 days:

Day 1 Impact Site - On your first day, take the time to cultivate 24 flower flowering Pikmin, then collect the ship's Main Engine.
Days 2-3 Forest of Hope - Use the second day to collect yellow Pikmin, the External Fuel Dynamo, the Whimsical Radar, and the Extraordinary Bolt. Follow up on Day 3 with the Nova Blaster and the Shock Absorber.
Day 4 Forest Navel - Start by destroying the white gate, then go up to the Blue Onion and confront the Breadbug to collect the Space Float. Then, go for the Automatic Gear and the #1 Ionium Jet. If you are multitasking, you should have time to collect the Gravity Jumper as well.
Day 5 Impact Site - With Blue Pikmin at your side, you will be able to collect the Positron Generator and add a lot of Pikmin. Each Pearl will produce 50 Seeds.
Days 6-7 Forest Of Hope - When you land in the Forest of Hope with Blue Pikmin, put some of them to work on building bridges to the Sagittarius, while you get another group to break down the white gate in the path of the Radiation Canopy. Use Day 7 to go up against the burrowing Snagrets and collect the Geiger Counter.
Days 8-9 Forest Navel - When you return to the Forest Navel, assign Red Pikmin to defeat the Blowhogs on the beach and press X while they are fighting so they do not follow you when they are done. Lead Blue Pikmin to the Anti-Dioxin and Analog Computer, while you get Red, Blue, and Yellow Pikmin to retrieve the Libra. On the next day, concentrate your efforts on the Guard Satellite and Omega Stabilizer. You can break down the blocking gates quickly with bomb-rocks.
Days 10-13 Distant Spring - On your first day in the Distant Spring, use one group of Blue Pikmin to collect the Repair-Type Bolt while you get another Blue Pikmin army to create a bridge to the Message Machine and Bomb-Rocks. You should have time to collect Bomb-rocks with Yellow Pikmin and bomb your way to the UV-Lamp. On Day 11, assign one group to build bridges to the Gluon Drive, and send another group to collect the Interstellar Radio. If you have extra time, get some Yellow Pikmin to bomb the rock wall on the path of the Zirconium Rotor. The next day, collect the rotor, then go up to the Pilot's Seat and the #2 Ionium Jet. If you are on schedule, you should be able to collect the Bowsprit and the Chronos Reactor on Day 13. While a group of Red Pikmin is taking the Bowsprit back to the ship, recruit another army to collect the reactor.
Day 14 Final Trial - It is difficult, but you can make your way up to the Emperor Bulblax and defeat the creature in a single day. If you have made your way up to the final battle in 14 days, you should be up to the task.

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